Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back Behind the Screen Today - Wish Me Luck

It's been 15 years (almost to the day) since I've been behind the screen.  Like many things, I've heard the experience is much like riding a bike - within minutes you have your balance and are back to comfortable ground.

The things is, the first time I rode a bike in nearly 15 years, no one told me it had no brakes until I was already picking up speed and going downhill.  I wiped out in a junkyard at the end of the hill (and walked away to ride again nearly 10 years later).  I hope today goes a bit smoother ;)


  1. Dude - you'll pick it right up and be awesome. Your knowledge of the rules and spirit of D&D is strong. Yoda would say "the Force is strong in this one."

    By the way, I've been waiting for a day or two for you to get Follower #200 - so you can have a full host of minions.

  2. You'll do awesome. You've got the passion that your very blog demonstrates daily, no more is needed. Rules are secondary.

    Good luck!

  3. I'm sure you'll be great! Your blog's been a fun read, so I'm sure your DMing will be equally fun!

  4. thanks for the votes of confidence :)


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