Friday, December 9, 2011

The Dangers of Social Media

My job offers a Social Media one day class / in service training. I was expecting to learn how to use it to enhance investigations. Instead, we are learning that there is no expectation of privacy with social media (even if you are communicating one on one) and as a civil servant there are numerous exceptions to my constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech.

There's gotta be an adventure hook for a near future RPG in this lesson.


  1. I've had Facebook stalking me for years. They look at all my posts in forums and try to figure out who I know. They send me emails saying 'look at these guys on facebook, you could be talking to them here' and then list people I've had tangental conversations with. It's creepy.

    Really there is no privacy on the internet, only a lack of interest in individuals. As long as I'm not very interesting they don't follow my paper (digital) trail.

  2. The best advice that I've ever received is to write every email as if the entire world is going to read it.

    That can easily be applied to all social media, forum posts, comments, and so on.

    Also, @ Loc: Even though we seemed to comment on the same blogs, I'm not stalking you! I swear!

  3. I was (until recently) in the same line of work as yourself Tenkar. We were actually issued with an instruction from our chief constable that all police officers and civilian staff should delete their social media accounts entirely. It was phrased as a "suggestion" of course. But we both know what it means when a Police Chief "suggests" a course of action.

  4. Well, a bunch of my fellow officers are getting jammed up pretty good for some Facebook postings. The only thing that gets posted to my Facebook is this blog ;)


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