Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's Your Work Worth?

I've been reading Zak's posts (and associated comments) from the last few days and the numbers are fairly depressing.  It seems that getting paid a fair amount for your work in this corner of gaming, whether writing or artwork, is pretty much the exception.  That's a damn shame.

If you blog, you probably do so due to some frustrated creativity that needs to come out.  I know that's part of the reason I'm on here.  Heck, at some point, I'd like to write gaming material for a profit.  I just don't think I can afford to do so at this point.  And so I blog.

Those that can make a living with RPGs, God bless you.  Those that can make beer money with RPGs, may God bless you even more, as you do it for love of the hobby and that is a beautiful thing.

As for Zak's nut job project, I'd actually enjoy seeing whatever results I can come up with for my Fluor-Eight RPG System, Gaming With Fluorite Octagonals. 


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