Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Keeping Up With the Borderlands

I'm trying to find a setting to use with my (hopefully) forthcoming Tunnels & Trolls Campaign. It aint easy.

The underlying system doesn't concern me much, as it's easy enough to convert to T&T. The problem is the scope of most commercial campaigns. The Forgotten Realms / The World of Greyawk / The Wilderlands and their kind are nice, but their scope is too huge. I need a backyard for the players to play in,not an endless park.

I want it to be sandboxy. Something like Keep on the Borderlands, but designed with todays sensibilities.

I might already have it in my library and I just need to identify it, but I am open to suggestions. Like I said, system doesn't matter much, as I'll be converting to T&T anyways.

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  1. You might try the old "Against the Cult of the Reptile God" or the old "Sentinel" and "Gauntlet" modules from way-back-when. The first was situated in Greyhawk, but it's easy enough to just take the local map and build from their on your own.

  2. How about my Southlands?


    Or if that doesn't grab you try one of my other Points of Light Settings.


  3. Kingdoms of Kalamar? It's definitely sandboxy. There's a lot of plot hook ideas on each page, but the resolution is left open and there's no official time line advancement. The main setting book is system neutral, but it was originally written (I think) for AD&D, so there's nothing incompatible conceptually with T&T. The setting book covers a continent, but it's split into regions and city listings, so for a backyard kind of game just pick one region and a city to start in; you don't need to know the whole book. (I'd guess Renaaria Bay for what you're describing.) There are just a couple of stand-alone city books if you want more detail, but I consider those optional.

  4. If you want something really small scale, try White Dragon Run from Exp. Retreat Press. Village, surrounding wilderness, a couple of small dungeons & a little bit of backstory. Good Stuff! It's in my "stuff to use one day," pile.

  5. @trollsmyth - i think i have gauntlet packed away somewhere - need to look

    @rob conley - damn, i have that pdf... just have to find it on the old box - forgot about that

    @david r - i have some of the early 3e Kalamar stuff, but never really got into it - i may give it a second look, but again, it a damn big book for my purpose

    @james - White Dragon Run sounds like it may fit the bill

    awesome ideas folks

  6. Lankhmar is a great city campaign. I just picked up the Thieves World Box which look freaking sweet.

  7. @Davis - we talking the old TSR Lankhmar and the Chaosium / Mikadema Press Thieves World?

    Heck, Thieves World may even have T&T stats... i may have to dig that out of storage

  8. Tenkar you might skim through that copy of Blood Moon Rising. It's got npcs and a small village and wilderness setup that you can use as a launch point even if you don't run the adventure.



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