Monday, November 8, 2010

From Ken St. Andre

Public Apology to James Shipman

A few days ago, I sent a mail to all Trollhalla members in which I tried to explain my current relationship with James Shipman and Outlaw Press. As you may know, we are not on good terms, and I let my anger get the better of me. That is no excuse. I should have remembered my courtesy, and not called him any names at all. I certainly should not have called him a felon. I recant. I take it all back. Despite our differences, Jim Shipman is a gentleman, and I will never insult him again. I sincerely hope we can resolve our differences, and that my lapse in courtesy last week can be overlooked and forgotten.

Ken St. Andre

P.S. I hereby ask anyone who carried my previous message about James Shipman to take that message down and run this one in its place.

Ken St. Andre
November 8, 2010

(I'm just a messenger. The above is posted and the previous redacted as per the wishes of Ken St. Andre)

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  1. Wow. No gentleman steals other peoples artwork, and intellectual property. No gentleman does what James Shipman has done to people. Me thinks he threatened Mr. Andre with a lawsuit. The only reason he can't be called a felon is that he hasn't been convicted, and probably never will be, and that's too bad. I feel sorry for all the artist's and writers he has wronged. I consider my self a gentleman, and would never think of doing the things he has. I didn't post the letter on my blog, but I did write a post about J. Shipmans "antics", and it stays up.

  2. I just did as Ken asked. It's his battle. Sucks tho, as James' antics draw attention to T&T, it's not in the best light.

  3. This is my second attempt to respond to your comment. Dunno what happened...

    True, you should respect his request. I just have a big problem with people who don't respect other people's rights. Shipman stole from a lot more people than just Mr. Andre.

    Anyway, artists and writers need to educate themselves about copyright law, and the business side of things, i.e. contracts, etc.

    I've give some thought to organising a "game creators guild" ( sort of like the Writers Guild of America ), but I'm not sure if the business side of the hobby is big enough to support such a thing?


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