Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LotFP - Weird Fantasy in Hand

Gotta give props to Jim and the Finnish mail service.  I got my copy of Weird Fantasy this afternoon, the 28 of July - Jim shipped o the 26th.

Lots of goodies jammed in the box.  Its a tasty box too, or at least my cat thinks so.  She was nibbling on the edge.

The first parts I plan to read are the Tutorial (to see how well it might actually explain role playing to those outside the hobby), and the two included adventures:  Tower of the Stargazer and Weird New World.  Need to step away from my iPad for a bit it seems ;)

Heck, the dice may be small but they look to be decent quality.

I'll give a review after I read thru everything.


  1. Hmmm, where do you live? So that I may come over and abscond with your copy?! ;-) Mine is still somewhere out there, probably floating over the Atlantic on a slow boat...

  2. NYC. I paid extra for priority shipping. Shipped on the 26,arrived on the 28.

    Be warned, I am armed for a living. Absconding with my copy may be dangerous to your health ;)


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