Friday, June 4, 2010

Irregular Thoughts

Or is it just thoughts on an irregular column?

I'm thinking of writing some Tales of the Blue Knight as an irregular column for this blog. Kinda my work experiences mixed with my gaming experiences and life observations in general. I'm learning after a year of doing this i'm a bit more focused when I can stick to a general theme. We'll see how I do over the weekend ;)

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  1. Just a stray thought: Keep the title, but write the posts from the vantage point of an ancient or medieval city watchman... a case study in personal, real life experience poured into a campaign framework...

  2. This thought is more like a stray bullet... It will require some actual work, but I like it. Maybe Twisted Tales for the fictionalized column. Crap. My mind is spinning :)

  3. Er, Twisted Tales of the Blue Knight for the campaign fiction, Tales of the Blue Knight for thoughts and game experience used in real life.

    Damn, I need a beer now. Heh

  4. k, keeping Tales of the Blue Knight for the campaign stuff.

    Into the Knight for more thoughts on how gaming helped me in my career, etc.

    Now to get writing...


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