Sunday, May 30, 2010

Celebrating a Year at the Tavern

Yep, I started posting on this blog on May 31, 2009.  I've been doing this for a year.  Can hardly believe it.  It's morphed a bit since the beginning as it (and I) have tried to find the proper voice.  I expect to some extent it will always be a work in progress.

It's also my son's 17th Birthday.  My god but time flies.  Party Time!  Excellent! (Wayne's World Flashback... heh)

I'll post some buybacks later today.


  1. Congrats and welcome to the Blogging for One Year Club!

  2. Congratulations to surviving to your son's 17th birthday. My son is 17 and I have some insights that I could share, but I'd be singing to the choir.

    After almost a year of reading I'll also share some of my thoughts with you. My favorite articles are reviews and articles that you draw from your personal experiences to draft.

    On the other side of the coin, I am not driven by price in regards to gaming material. In fact, I tend to think that if it is being sold for too little it devalues the hard work necessary to do the work. You wouldn't expect to work in NYC as a police officer for free, neither would I want to spend hundreds of hours on a product for a $.99 or free PDF on RPGnow. I respect my work and the value of the products White Haired Man creates for GM's that need quality material and don't have the time to "always" be prepared. After all, not all GM's live by the Boy Scout's motto.

  3. There is a saying amongst NYC Police Officers:

    A Good Cop Always Eats Cheap or Well, Occasionally He Does Both at the Same Meal

    I learned that my second week on patrol when I was introduced to REAL Hispanic food in the South Bronx. I ate fairly cheaply and well. I soon learned of numerous places to eat cheap, and quite a few that weren't cheap but were excellent. Depending on the thickness of my wallet and my hankering for food I went cheap, well, or both.

    My free picks are offered free by the publisher. I'm not steering towards a torrent or Scribed. In the case of the D6 products pretty much the whole line is free, as is Talisanta.

    That being said, I paid full boat for Legends of Anglerre - $25 for the PDF. Excellent product, far from cheap.

    I don't control the prices that publishers set. I've spent thousands at RPGNow over the years.

    White Haired Man produces some excellent products. If you game via FG2 they are great to run, and an excellent template for someone looking to convert their own to FG2. They price their products at a fair and competitive price.

    Goblinoid Games released Labyrinth Lord Revised in both free (no-art) and not free (with art) PDF versions. I don't think Dan was forced to offer a free version. That was his choice.

    My opinions are purely that of a consumer. I don't have the time to be a writer / publisher (work, kid, random attempts at a social life)

    I do appreciate the thoughts and opinions of others, as both sides of an issue can have valid points.

    Still, expect the weekends to have links to free stuff - hopefully quality and a taste of what those publishers have to offer.

  4. thanks to all for the kind thoughts. May the next 365 days be even better ;)


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