Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Board...Game

For some reason I've steadfastly avoided picking up any new board games.  Its not that I never played them.  Talisman, Amoeba Wars, Risk, Blood Bowl (first edition), Chaos Marauders (more of a card game), Nuclear War (definitely a card game)... I played these all when we had less then a full group to sling dice back in the day.

I have the OOTS game (never played it) and Adventurer (card game I really should play)as the recent games I've added to my collection, but I've had a major hole in all this... none of the above lead to getting my non-gaming girlfriend and possibly my parents involved in playing.  Friday nites my girlfriend actually enjoys playing cards or Uno with my mother and me... she likes the "family bonding".  So I broke down and ordered some recent (well, for me anyway) board games that should add some variety to Fridays.

The first to arrive is the Settlers of Catan.  Haven't even read the directions yet.  I guess I better start.  Hmm, even includes a limited trial PC/Mac game.  Time to learn me a new board game it seems ;)


  1. Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples, and Dominion are all excellent games to play with family. Easy to learn, fun to play, easy to set up and break down.

  2. If you are looking to bring others into wider gaming as a whole, I recommend the following games in gateway order.

    Phase 1.) Introduction into gaming
    Catan, Carcassonne, Fluxx, Hey that's my fish, Alahambra,

    Phase 2.) Niche Gaming
    Caylus, Zoolaretto, Ticket to Ride, Phase 1 expansions,

    Phase 3.) Proto-RPG
    Formula D (funky dice)
    Gloom (Story telling aspect)

    From there to RPG's or perhaps a quick stop at RPG themed boardgames (such as talisman)

  3. Well, Carcassonne and Ticet to Ride are on their way. Need to dig out Nuclear War ;)

    My girlfriend digs the funky dice. She was disappointed when I told her Settlers of Catan came with just 2d6... heh

  4. Put Dominion on your short list. It has a high replay value, thanks to the plentiful combinations of cards, it's easy for newcomers to pick up and it's speedy enough to knock several games in an evening, or play just one if that's all time allows.


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