Friday, January 1, 2010

My New Year's Resolution - Getting back in the DM Seat

I've talked about this since I bought my first VTT with floating licenses (Klooge) but this time I'm about to get off the pot.

My plan is to run a session using a weird FG2 / iTabletop combination for my friends that I've alluded to for way too long.

Not sure what game system I / They want to use, nor the genre (although if I was a betting man I'd suspect fantasy of some sorts). I'll probably leave that up to them via an email vote / thread.

I'll need to run the sessions episodically, as I suspect organizing a game once a month is going to be hard, let alone aiming for more often then that. Self contained adventures with loose threads holding them together may suit our gaming fine.

I'll post more about this as I start shaking the tree and see how it all falls out.

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