Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Warhammer FRG - 3rd Edition - AKA The Heavy Box Game

Yesterday I came home to find my newly delivered Warhammer FRP 3rd edition waiting for me on my doorstep. The box is damn heavy and stuffed with a huge amount of gaming material. Way too much stuff. Gaming sensory overload level of stuff.

Interestingly enough there was an extra set of 10-sided Warhammer dice (the dice are uniquely stamped with images). According to the enclosed note the original 10-sided dice weren't up to snuff (basically you now have some extra dice).

I'm trying to make my way thru the 4 enclosed books without going too fast. I want to get a chance to understand the system, which looks nothing like the previous two editions. The presentation does look very much like the 2nd edition when it comes to the page layout, which is nice.

Did I mention I still need to make my way thru the Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader RPG book too? Whee!

More when I've devoured some of the material.

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