Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kobold Quarterly 11 is in my Mailbox

Actually, I found it in my email last night, and in my snail mail for the hard copy when I got home from work. Haven't had much time to peruse it yet. Maybe I'll read it as I lull myself to sleep tonight.

I have to get to work tomorrow extra early if I want any chance to find parking (movie filming just removed 12+ blocks of parking near my job tomorrow). So, I'll aim to get in by 6 / 615. I'd have so much more time for reading if I would just take the train to work ;)

Barnes and Noble is releasing its own E-Book reader. Specs look very favorable matched up to the Kindle 2, and reads PDFs nativly. I'll wait for some user reviews on this one, but again, the "Nook" looks promising.

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