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Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Like My Random Tables - Now if I Could Just Integrate them into The Tavern's Posts

I really enjoy random tables for inspiration. They are often my "go to" resource when my players zig instead of zagging, or when I need something quickly that is going to fuel my imagination. Which is why I need to work on an inspirational table for some of my blog posts.

Hmm, could even carry it over to the podcast...

All I need to do is figure out format and die size ;)


  1. d12s seem to be covered. Dyson and the Dungeon Dozen do great d12 tables. How about a d14?

  2. Gnome Stew has a series titled The Random GM, maybe that will help or make things worse. http://www.koboldpress.com/k/front-page17283.php

  3. d30 too small a number (sorry guys)

  4. d16 and d24 are both easier to find than d14, as far as I can tell. And easier to simulate with other dice, come to that.

  5. i'd say doing a d20 list for simplicity, d100 makes you think about filling all 100 with something different and d12 or lower just makes unintersting ones


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