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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Completing my OD&D Collection, and Other Assorted Thoughts

I need Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes (Sup IV) and Swords & Spells (Sup V) to finish of my OD&D collection.  Ebay can be a wonderous and dangerous place ;)

I'm going to attempt to complete a Tunnels & Trolls Collection of sorts going forward.  I think I've found the system that both interests the future Mrs Tenkar, and is made for solo play.  I see no reason why I cant run some of the solos with myself as the GM. Besides, the more T&T I read, the more I like the system.  Wish I wasn't such a closed minded gamer 25 years ago, or I might have some classic OD&D and T&T stuff without requiring Ebay, but back then it was AD&D, Rolemaster and all the "crunchy"  crap ;)

I need to see if I can track down a T&T Character Sheet for Fantasy Grounds 2, as that is really all you would need to run a game using the system.

Last night was the first session of Castles & Crusades via FG2 that we've has since before the summer.  As we only run once a month for the most part, a session recap before start is damn important, and I missed the major recap as I was 90 minutes late.  Hopefully we can sneak another session in next week (looks good so far)

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  1. The only OD&D book I have is Supplement IV. I was visiting a friend in a nearby town and we were browsing in a Card Shoppe. I asked the owner if he had any RPGs and he pulled a small cart with a bunch of old stuff on it out of storage. I bought it for $12. I don't recall what else was on the cart it was likely some modules (this was 15 years ago).



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