Saturday, May 4, 2024

Tavern Post #10,001 - Holy Crap!

I didn't notice last night that last night's blog post was post 10k for The Tavern. When I started blogging nearly 15 years ago (May 31st will be the actual 15th anniversary) I never thought The Tavern would still be kicking after 10,000 posts. Heck, I don't believe even hitting 1,000 posts had crossed my mind.

Over the course of a decade and a half, The Tavern has changed and morphed and grown. It now includes not just this blog, but a Facebook Group, a MeWe Group, a Discord Server, and yes, even a YouTube Channel

Thanks as always for your continued support. 

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  1. Congrats. I feel the shift has definitely been away from the blog and to youtube, but that's how the winds of change blow.


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