Sunday, April 14, 2024

NTRPG 2024 (a bit of a PSA)

NTRPG 2024 (a bit of a PSA)
This week we've passed into the NTRPG-60 day mark, which is significant for planning purposes. Now I'm not running anything this year, but if I wanted to....I'm too late. The deadline for submitting events was yesterday. The con has had a record number of submissions at 368 games, which for a con capped at 500 attendees, IIRC they have 503 currently sold, which I'm thinking includes some vendors, special guests, and staff, so a bump over the cap is to be expected.

The 60 day mark is significant because if you're flying down your best ticket prices are before that mark, and you can expect price bumps at 30 days, 14 days, and a sharp upturn to the day before. It's also important for generalized planning purposes. 

From an organizer (not con staff, more like you're running an event) perspective now is the time you're checking to make sure that your adventures are written, hopefully you have staff lined up, etc. Things that aren't where they need to be can still be addressed, and hopefully fixed.

I'm running an event that isn't on the schedule, as it's invite only (and I don't do the invites) and I've got my "adventure" prepped, actually had that part ready for over a year now. I've got some freebies for attendees that are halfway done. The initial prep work is done, I just figured out what I think is a better way to do something, more like a better way to make something....nicer, so I'm taking the opportunity to do so, otherwise I'd be 110% done already.

One of the things I love about small conventions is that there is a lot less separation between the attendees and the organizers. I didn't come by the information about 368 games and 503 attendees by any sort of real legwork....I just made sure to follow the NTRPG Facebook page.

Early event registration (as in table seats for events) has already came and went, but the con only releases half of the seats at that time and between that and the new events....there's a lot of seats still available....

...and they will become available tomorrow, April 15th at 1800 (6pm CDT)

So if you got yourself tickets to NTRPG 2024, you have time to get event tickets tomorrow and hopefully get your travel squared away.

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