Wednesday, March 13, 2024

DaggerHeart - Open Beta Playtest

While I don't think DaggerHeart is a rule system that will fit my gaming group, it may fit yours.

Here's the DTRPG link to the Daggerheart Open Beta.

Daggerheart is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game of brave heroics and vibrant worlds that are built together with your gaming group. Create a shared story with your adventuring party, and shape your world through rich, long-term campaign play.

This free download contains all the current materials for the public Daggerheart Open Beta Playtest, with the full game expected to release in 2025. As this is a playtest, future changes are coming and will be updated in this product. The current version is 1.2, released March 12, 2024.

After your play sessions, please head to daggerheart.com to bring us your feedback using the official surveys!


When it's time for the game mechanics to control fate, players roll one HOPE die and one FEAR die (both 12-sided dice), which will ultimately impact the outcome for your characters. This duality between the forces of hope and fear on every hero drives the unique character-focused narratives in Daggerheart.

In addition to dice, Daggerheart’s card system makes it easy to get started and satisfying to grow your abilities by bringing your characters’ background and capabilities to your fingertips. Ancestry and Community cards describe where you come from and how your experience shapes your customs and values. Meanwhile, your Subclass and Domain cards grant your character plenty of tantalizing abilities to choose from as your character evolves. Craft your unique character through the cards you choose and the story you tell, and become the hero you want to be!

This download contains PDFs of:

  • A Quickstart Adventure, plus 5 pregenerated characters
  • The full draft core rules
  • Print-ready card sheets for your character options (Ancestry, Community, and Subclass) as well as your abilities (Domain Cards)
  • Character sheets for each class: Bard, Druid, Guardian, Ranger, Rogue, Seraph, Sorcerer, Warrior, Wizard
  • Player and game master references
  • And more!


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