Friday, February 23, 2024

Deal of the Day - The Book of Dungeon Encounters

I've known Phil Reed for several years, and have had him as a guest on various live streams on my YouTube Channel over the years. Phil has become the master of the Old School RPG Kickstarter :)

Today's Deal of the Day is The Book of Encounters by Phil Reed. While systemless, it certainly hues to the old-school sensibilities many of us are used to. Normally 9.99 in PDF, but until tomorrow morning, The Book of Encounters is on sale for 5.97.

Welcome to the dungeon, gamemaster. More so than any other location, the dungeon is the heart of adventure for many a fantasy roleplaying game.

On the pages of this book, you will find 100 different dungeon encounter ideas drawn from five different imaginations. This time I am joined by four other co-authors who have brought their own experiences and concepts to the book, making it far more entertaining than it would have been without them.

Over half of the book has been written by my co-authors, making my own contribution to this work little more than the act of dreaming up the project, coordinating the

efforts of the creators, and handling the task of managing the Kickstarter campaign as well as the final design and layout of the book. My co-authors deserve the real credit for how very fun this book has turned out.

The Book of Dungeon Encounters is for those gamemasters who are stuck for an idea. Simply turn to this book and roll (or select!) an encounter. I hope that you enjoy the work as much as I have.

– Philip Reed


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