Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Kickstarter - The Slumbering City - A Shadowdark RPG Adventure

I'm a huge fan of Thom Wilson (and consider Thom a good friend). Thom understands Old School Gaming. I'm also a huge fan of Shadowdark. It's the only game my game group has played in an actual livestream - actually, we've done so THREE times now :)

The Slumbering City is Thom's latest Kickstarter. PDF is 7 bucks, print plus PDF is 17. 

A tribute to the creator and adventures of the mightiest barbarian in fantasy literature. For the Shadowdark RPG system, 4 to 6 characters of 2nd to 4th level.

A black & white, digest-sized, saddle-stitched (soft-cover) adventure of 38 to 40 pages. Features all-new artwork and maps by renowned creators including Luiz Prado, Jeff Madding, Joey Docil, Jared Binder, Mark Lyons, MonkeyBlood Design, and more.

It is an adventure filled with strange people and supernatural horrors. Players may find some encounters easy, but others so deadly they end up running for the fabled city’s exit.

This is the third Kickstarter for which we are using Lulu to print our saddle-stitched books. The two other Kickstarter books came out great. We prefer saddle-stitched books to perfect-bound in this smaller format, and Lulu does a great job in the print-on-demand market with this binding type.

Lulu charges the publisher an additional $1.50 per drop-ship order (I create the KS reward order on the Lulu site, then have them produce and mail the book to backers). I have to add this cost to the PoD reward (already added to the $17 tier cost). To be clear, this is not charged to the backer after the project, but as part of the initial tier cost.


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