Sunday, May 7, 2023

Kickstarter - Zeck's Shoppe of Riches, A Collection of OSR Magic Items (Phil Reed)

This book of D100 magic items and D100 rumors was designed for use with many fantasy OSR roleplaying games.

I've been a fan of Phil Reed and his gaming material for over two decades. I've had lunch with Phil and we've spoken about the hobby, the business, and life in general. I've backed nearly every Kickstarter in print or PDF that Phil has published in the last few years, each with great satisfaction, and Phil has proven to be the master of "The Dollar PDF".

Phil's current Kickstarter is Zeck's Shoppe of Riches, A Collection of OSR Magic Items (along with Tischler's Tome of Treasures). You can snag the pair for 5 bucks in PDF or 26 bucks (plus 6 bucks shipping in the US) in saddle stitched print plus PDF. 

Zeck's Shoppe of Riches

Within this book are 100 different magic items that I created to satisfy my desires and entertain myself. These range from moderately mundane to overpowered objects that might ultimately destroy a campaign when placed in the wrong hands (such as the hands of a player character). As always, I wrote the different items you will soon encounter with a single goal: to provide the gamemaster with enough of a hook to spark their imaginations and trigger ideas that I could have never come up with on my own. 

Tischler's Tome of Treasures

This second book of magic items, written specifically for this Kickstarter campaign and never published before, follows the same physical format as Zeck's Shoppe of Riches . . . with entirely new content! As with Zeck's Shoppe of Riches, everything I wrote for Tischler's Tome of Treasures was designed to inspire gamemasters. I’m a big believer in trusting the gamemaster to do what is best for their own game; my job is to add new tools to the GM’s bag of tricks and let them take it from there.

Note, Friday, May 12th, Phil Reed will be the special guest for the Random Party Generator Livestream on The Tavern's YouTube Channel.  


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