Friday, March 24, 2023

Indiegogo - LAND OF BONES 1e SOLO Fantasy RPG (AD&D 1e/OSRIC)

This is a 1e SOLO fantasy rpg adventure campaign that contains NEW SOLO RULES & a 4-part adventure!

You know those times that you simply want to go to a roulette table and simply put your hard-earned cash on BLACK and want to let it ride a spin or two? That's how I feel about Land of Bones, currently funding on Indiegogo. It was big amazing. It may be a total wash, but damn I want to put my money down.

Land of Bones is a 1e SOLO fantasy TTRPG game system that is comprised of:

1. OVERLORDS - 1e SOLO RULES BOOK - 200 pages approx.

2. LAND OF BONES - 4-part 1e SOLO ADVENTURE OMNIBUS 300 pages approx.

3. SOLO ADVENTURER’S JOURNAL - Optional but is designed as a keepsake to record all your adventures. This includes numerous tables, charts, and several other options to record these travels. Also includes time trackers, and acquisitions unique ONLY to the LAND OF BONES 4-part adventure.

4. 12-piece POSTER/MAP HANDOUTS - Optional 18” wide by 12” high poster maps from DTRPG showing the 12 most important handouts and maps unique only to LAND OF BONES. Please note that ALL PRINT products will all be printed professionally by DTRPG and not from your home computer. You CAN, however, print all pages to your home computer from the digital PDFs.

5. 20-piece 1e SOLO GM’s SCREEN - Optional (these are 8.5” x 11” PORTRAIT pages) 

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