Sunday, January 2, 2022

Looking for Some FLGS's

Looking for Some FLGS's
Today I'm travelling for work and I'd normally pre-load a post or ask Erik to cover, but he's sick and since it's been more than a year since I've traveled (thanks Covid!) my ability to properly prep/manage my pre-trip time socks more than it should.

The great thing about travelling, gaming-wise, is that I get the chance to (hopefully) find some new game stores. My last trip I mentioned a cool couple of finds, one in Kansas City KS, and the other in Ames IA.

I've been to this location a few times before and there is a cool hole-in-the-wall store I like to drop by, but I'm hoping I get a chance to branch out a bit more.

The thing is, and this is something I really should bug Erik about, is that we need our own (managed) listing of Favorite Local Game Stores (FLGS). Probably something to go along with a convention listing. I've found some gems in my travels, but really only by dumb luck. I've always wondered how many great stores (and finds within!) I've just driven past. A couple of years ago I spent almost a month in Florida and I didn't find diddly-squat.....but I bet there was a great store I just couldn't locate.

I really miss the days of ads in the back of Dragon Magazine.....but those days I didn't travel very much.

I know there might be some listing to be had somewhere.....anyone care to share some links?


  1. Can't help with a list, but here's the FLGS in my neck of the woods:


  2. I will give a shout-out to my FLGS, Maplewood Hobby in Maplewood, NJ. Tons of 40K, D&D, and traditional wargames, in addition to loads of board games, other miniatures games, other TTRPGs, etc.



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