Monday, December 21, 2020

So, Where is that LotFP Referee Book? (Funded October 2013)

This past summer, James Raggi made a personal appeal to the OSR community to bail him out of debt to the Finnish government. Loans were coming due and if James didn't pay them, LotFP would likely cease publication.

Well, the community certainly saved James's bacon (60k euros that were coming due in loans, plus another 30k not as immediate), and James made enough in sales to pay off his debt. But the Referee Book, which hasn't seen an update since February on the Indiegogo page, and will be two years late in January, and funded in October of 2013, is still not scheduled for release:

Just want to thank everyone for a big year here at LotFP. We came really close to total disaster, but you all made sure we live on to fight another day.

But now it's time to advance again. Looks like the next releases won't be to the printer until March or so (five months later than I'd hoped... sigh) and then the release cycle after that... seriously... the Ref book. So I need to conserve resources for all that, but there is much to do between now and then.

I know James feels that backers of the Referee Book are due an update unless he has something concrete, but with the current situation, I think an update would be a kindness that the backers deserve.

Yep, "the media" is requesting an official update ;)

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  1. lol official update "there is no real deadline for the book, thanks for the cash".


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