Monday, November 5, 2018

Distracted Today By Seven Years of Wedded Bliss - The Tavern Wouldn't Be Here Without Rach :)

Seven years ago today, I became the luckiest man alive when Rach gave me her hand in blissful wedding matrimony. In truth, she had stolen my hear over two years prior and does so again every day.

In truth, The Tavern would not be here today if Rach hadn't been with me all these years. She encouraged me to blog, supported me emotionally early on when I just wanted to throw it all away, has been my sounding board and honest critic when needed, and most importantly, has allowed me to spend as much time as I need on all things Tavern.

She is my partner, my best friend, and literally the best part of me.

The first anniversary we barely saw each other, as I was working long hours with the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy. I got home after 10 PM, shared a hug and a kiss and was promptly told "You need to get your post up for today! Get to it!"

I am truly blessed. And just think, Alex was nice enough to schedule GameHole Con right around our anniversary. You might almost think he planned it that way ;)


  1. What a WONDERFUL photographer... *cough* Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! Danielle and I had our 7th a couple months ago. Here's to 7 more!!!

  3. Congrats you two! And thank you Rach for keeping Tenkar in line for us =) You know you should con Rach into doing a podcast with you one of these days Tenkar *wink*

  4. Congrats you two! To many, many more years!

  5. Congratulations, and many more to come!


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