Friday, January 8, 2016

White Star - Star Marshal (Character Class)

Whereas the police usually have limited jurisdiction, the Star Marshal has jurisdiction over multiple worlds. Expected to enforce the law and take in wanted criminals on their own, he is given great latitude in how and when to accomplish these goals.

Star Marshals are often mistaken for bounty hunters as many marshals would rather not identify themselves as such and would rather work under the cover of open arrest warrants. It has been said by those arrested that the reason Star Marshals work from arrest warrants is to collect the bounty but few ever make such an accusation to a marshal's face.

Known for self reliance, Star Marshals often know a little bit about many things.

LEVEL      XP      HD      BHB      ST
1                  0        1           +0        13      
2              2,250     2           +1        12
3              4,500     2+1       +2        11
4              9,000     3           +2        10
5            18,000     4           +3        10
6            36,000     4+1       +4          9
7            72,000     5           +4          8
8          144,000     6           +5          7
9          288,000     7           +6          6
10        576,000     7+1       +6          6

Weapons / Armor Restrictions - None / None. Marshals do prefer to capture wanted felons alive, so they will often arm themselves in a manner to make that a possibility.

Area Knowledge and Customs - Marshals often know some of the terrain, locals and customs of the locations they are to travel to. They are assumed to know the basic details of all but the most exotic locations and will know one or two more specific piece of knowledge when arriving on a new world (location of a bar their target might frequent, contact to buy restricted items, etc). Star Marshals with an Intelligence Score of 13 or better receive 1 extra piece of specific knowledge.

XP Bonus for Constitution: Star Marshals with a Constitution of 13 or 14 receive a 5% Experience Bonus, and those with 15 or higher get 10%.

Assistance from Local Police: Star Marshals may request the assistance of the local police force. Assistance granted may be large or small depending on the department and the Star Marshal's reputation.



  1. Looks good to me. Are there rules/conversions to bring WS into line with S&W Complete as opposed to white box offhand?

    1. Not really. Adjustments for high stats in SWC wont effect the class conversion-wise.

      The Marshal would fit just fine in many WB / C campaigns

  2. The area knowledge is a great piece of flavor for this character. Lot's of "Sector Marshals" in stories have triumphed or dumped a mission based on such a thing.

  3. Oh....I totally need this. It will work great in thus game I am working on.


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