Monday, October 5, 2015

Kickstarter - Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game (Yep, Stand Alone RPG)

I'm sure most of The Tavern's readers have at least heard of Delta Green. It is / was a supplement / setting for the Call of Cthulhu RPG. Modern day secret society fighting the forces that man is not meant to know about. Or something like that.

Now Delta Green is all grown up. Not content to be an add on to CoC, it is now a stand alone RPG "based on the Basic Role-Playing rules engine, which is available under the Open Gaming License."I thought it was Legend / MRQ I+II that were OGL, not the Basic Role Playing rules engine itself. OpenQuest builds off of Legend if I recall correctly. Ah well, not that it really matters.
(edit - just checked my copy of the BRP Rules Quickstart - there is no OGL attached to it)

Delta Green has always been of the highest quality in the past. I never ran the material, but it was so rich in story hooks and plots and subplots I probably could have run a campaign for years. Not that the characters would have survived that long - heh.

If only I could make heads or tales of the Kickstarter backer levels. Why is there a maximum amount of backers at the $100 "All new in PDF" level? It's in PDF - it's not like they have to worry about a print run. If I was an international backer, this is just what I would want. Sorry, all gone with 23 days of funding left to go.

Talking about funding, they had a goal of $40k, which is fairly rich for a Kickstarter (especially one where most the the rewards are in PDF - only the core book is in print.) Where are they sitting now? $137k and growing.

I told you Delta Green was good. I'm just afraid it's too rich for my blood in it's current incarnation. If I wanted to go in at Hardcover and all of the new PDF releases, it would set me back 150 bucks. Not that it's causing all that many to blink, as they already have over 270 backers at that level. I need to work more overtime...

Nice and clear...


  1. I'm backing it because I love the setting and have the other books and fiction, but, good grief is the kickstarter's organization a royal clusterfuck. Their initial replies were anippy and along the lines of "trust us, we've done this before, we know what we're doing," but now after 400 messages consisting of "wait, I want to buy X, Y, and Z but I have no idea how much that would be" it's clear that this was poorly organized.

  2. It is not only too complicated, but too pricey. Given i am on the fence, I will pass and wait for the inevitable sale on OBS or wherever.....

  3. They explain (I think) why the $100 levels are marked as sold out:

    "But then we found out that we could offer The Fall of Delta Green in PDF after all. It would cost $25. And it turned out some backers who had picked the $100 EVERY PDF and EVERY SINGLE PDF tiers had never switched to the $80 RISING THREAT tier. So we decided to add The Fall of Delta Green to those pricier, earlier tiers to make them worthwhile. Actually that makes them $5 more valuable than RISING THREATS. (Adding the $25 Fall of Delta Green to the $80 RISING THREATS tier would add up to a $105 pledge, not $100.) But we decided to leave that as a bonus for those early backers."

    Long story short, if you don't want Fall of Delta Green in PDF, you back at $80 and get all the PDFs from this Kickstarter. If you want it, add it as an add-on and now you're at $105 (instead of the $100 for everything that is now sold out, but otherwise equivalent).

    Definitely super confusing. But $80 for all the PDFs except the Fall of Delta Green sounds mighty tempting to me...

  4. Yeah, but it gets even messier because they are adding a lot of additional books that can only be purchased through add-ons. And there is now a new version of the base book that has everything the base book was to have plus a bunch more, but that is $70 instead of $50, so you have to add $20 to your pledge if you want that (and who wouldn't).

  5. Except if you backed the thing that gets all Kickstarter PDFs, then you get a PDF of the expanded base book but still just basic version of the hardcover (without the $20 you mentioned).

    Definitely very confusing. But if you're looking for PDFs rather than physical copies, the $80 tier seems to be the place to go.


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