Friday, October 23, 2015

Bundle of Holding with Halloween in Mind - Bundle of Nerves +3 (Savage Worlds Horror, Silent Legions and More)

Silent Legions is +Kevin Crawford 's entry into the horror genre using an OSR styled ruleset. Savage Worlds is, well, Savage Worlds. This offering includes the Horror Companion for Savage Worlds.

Two games, three books, 40 bucks worth of gaming for $10. A pretty good deal.

At approximately double the price you add in the Rippers storyline for Savage Worlds, Shadows of Esteren Book 0 - Prologue and Book 1 - Universe and Accursed. A $60 value for about 20 bucks more.

My only disappointment is that it lacks any Call of Cthulhu in the bundle. That being said, Bundle of Nerves + 3 is a very good bundle for the price.


  1. The latest installment of the annual Bundle of Tentacles offer, with a squirming mass of Cthulhoid gaming goodness, launches next week!

    1. You are both a blessing and a curse sir. A blessing and a curse ;)

  2. Man, I already own most of the items in that Bundle or I'd totally be on that.

  3. A great bundle but dang, I already own all of it.


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