Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kickstarters Arrive - Metamorphosis Alpha and Barrowmaze Complete

Found these waiting for me when i got home from my extended tour at work. Technically it's a Kickstarter (Metamorphosis Alpha) and Indigogo (Barrowmaze Complete) that completed well, but who's counting?

Love the cover for Barrowmaze and my God, Metamorphosis Alpha is huge.

These did not make my Wayward Kickstarter list, as linked to on the EN World10 Biggest Tabletop RPG News Stories of 2014 list.

OSR Christmas Day 5 remains open BTW - I'll award prizes tomorrow night. I just tallied up the overtime numbers thru the first half of the month - 30 hrs thus far... sleep calls...


  1. For a brief, beautiful moment, I thought these were the new giveaways.

  2. I hope you aren't "Overtime Exempt."

  3. Now let's see whether the Barrowmaze Complete PDF will go on sale for less than $70...

  4. Oh, how I want Metamorphosis Alpha.

    Oh, how I wasn't paying that price for it, though.

  5. Oh, how I want Metamorphosis Alpha too. Oh, not the GG edition though...THIS ONE:


    /going on three friggin' years, dammit.

  6. I cant wait for my Barrowmaze complete book to turn up, the PDF looks amazing, but I dont really have time to read at the moment and nothing beats a dead tree version for skimming....

    1. Totally agree. The art and layout in the PDF is great; puts it on par with the DCC RPG and Frog Gods stuff. Really looking forward to putting my hands on the physical copy.

  7. The MA book is ginormous, and gorgeous, and well worth the price, even if it doesn't fit on any of my regular gaming shelves.

  8. I will be getting the Barrowmaze book as well. Did it just turn up or did you get some sort of notification?


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