Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time to Give Out Some Free Wedding Favors!

Yep, time to give some shit...er, gaming material, away.  I may as well, it is YOUR money I'll be using, or rather the small commission that gets added to my OneBookShelf account when someone makes a purchase from one of the RPGNow / DriveThruRPG links on this blog.  I'm getting married this weekend, and in the spirit of the joy and excitement I'm feeling, I'd like to give back to the readers of this blog.

So, here's what we're doing.  Add a comment to this blog post and I'll be giving out goodies to some random readers that do so and follow the instruction in the next sentence.  The topic for the comments is: "My favorite pre-written adventure (any game system) of all time".  Hey, it could be worse.  I could make you suffer through some of those god awful songs they play at EVERY wedding reception (not ours tho - we have an actual living, breathing Irish Folk singer.  No damn "duck" song, no conga line, just good music).

Here's the list of goodies:

Knockspell #6 (my first and only published article lies within)

Oubliette #6 (cause it rocks)

Maidens Of Moordoth - (cause it's cool and at 50 cents a pop i can give out 5 copies ;)

6-Pack Adventures: Kiss of the Frog God - (you need something weird, and this is a LotFP WF compatible module)

Elder Tunnels:  Fall 2011 (i have to include something for Tunnels & Trolls on the list)

Resolute: The Splintered Realm (neat little system rolled into 20 pages)

1 of each, except for Maidens of Moordoth, of which I'll be giving out 5 copies.  So, 10 prizes in total.

Entries can be entered up until whatever time I wake up and stumble to my computer Sunday morning.  Prizes will be given out sometime thereafter, depending on internet connection and wife agro ;)


  1. Congratulations again on the imminent wedding.

    My favorite adventure of all time has to be Shadowrun's Mercurial. It had a lot of options to try "fun stuff" that I really enjoyed.

  2. Man, that's a tough question! I'm gonna say Pod Caverns of the Sinister Shroom by Matt Finch.

  3. Best wishes on the impending nuptials!

    Good (and tough!) question. I guess I'd have to say my favorite pre-written adventure (any game system) of all time is B4 The Lost City.

  4. As much as I love the old TSR modules, my favorite written adventure is The Lichway, found in White Dwarf Issue #9 1978 (maybe '79)

    Not too big, not too complicated, you can add depth to it, it could be run as a heist/rescue/exploration, has a great map, and could be a one-shot or campaign piece. I read a lot of Dragon magazine, but I loved me some White Dwarf.

    (The Lichway can be found here over at FF)

  5. My favorite is Forge of Fury. (You didn't ask what's the best one--and I have gotten a lot of fun out of this one.)

    I've run it twice, once in 3E and once in a home brew system. Had a great time with both.

    Congratulation on your wedding!

  6. My favorite-The Pirates of Prexiar-from the West End Games Star Wars RPG. I've run it twice. I love it because it can be approached so many different ways, through strategy, stealth, brute force...just a lot of fun.

  7. Favorite adventure of all time is White Plume Mountain. Congrats on your mawidge! Have an incredible time!

  8. The Garden of al-Astorion, a Castles & Crusades module by Gabor Lux. My review of it is here:

    And here you can get it for free:

  9. Caverns of Thracia.

    Of the ones I've run... it would either be Pod Caverns or one of several I wrote myself. hmmm.

  10. Congratulations on the wedding!

    My favorite adventure is still B2 The Keep on the Borderlands. It's definitely not perfect, but I still get excited to game every time I see that cover.

  11. Grats on the wedding!

    I actually have a tie for this between "Hunt for a Hierophant" for AD&D 2e and "The Haunted Tower" for B/X. Both of them are what defined what a dungeon should be like back when I was just a kid.

  12. Congratulations and have a fantastic wedding.

    Mine top module would be the original White Plume Mountain (or maybe Tomb Of Horrors).

  13. Congratulations!
    Are you registered anywhere?(besides, y'know, the Do Not Fly list) :)

    Not big on pre-written adventures but my favorite has to be Barrier Peaks. Totally unexpected when we ran it back in the 1980s, and I still love the vegepygmies.

  14. My favorite pre-written adventure (any game system) of all time is T1:The Village of Hommlet.

    There, is that literal enough to qualify? ;)

  15. @mikemonaco - Bed, Bath and Beyond - Erik Stiene and Rachel Griffin

    @everyone - some great answers so far - some bring back great memories, some I need to check out

    keep 'em coming!

  16. My favorite pre-written adventure of all time is Coffee Break of the Living Dead for All Flesh Must Be Eaten. I've run it probably a dozen times and each time turns out vastly different than previous runs with different groups.

  17. My favorite is 2E's Return to the Keep on the Borderlands, it really adds some cool background to B2.

  18. My favorite pre-written adventure (any game system) of all time is a very hard question to answer.


    I would answer differently if I answered for those I love even though I haven't been running them, and those I have had great fun running.

    Alright, my favourite pre-written adventure of all time is "Bill in Three Persons" from the Unknown Armies rules book.

  19. See, you confused me so much with that hard questions I even forgot the great event...

    Congratulations, and may you have a memorable day!

  20. Congratulations! This was a really tough question, as I have so many favorites. The one that leaped to mind first, though, was A2: Secret of the Slavers Stockade.

  21. My favorite published module of all time is B2: Keep on the Borderlands.

    It's still playable decades after the first time I opened it up.

  22. I'm going to have to go with S1 Tomb of Horrors because it was my first. Although I got a lot of use out of A2.

  23. Favorite adventure? Tough choice!

    I would have to say GW2 Famine in Far-Go for Gamma World.
    It's wacky sci-fi fun!


  24. I think my favourite adventure as a player was Dyskund Caverns from the RQ3 adventure pack 'Shadows on the Borderland'. Still can't believe we got out of there alive!

  25. B4: The Lost City. I've used that adventure so many times that each time a group has gone through it, I've left a "mark" of their exploits somewehre within.

    The latest? In the room with the acid pool and the sinking stone chest - there is an Acid Shark swimming in the waters.


  26. I'm voting for Dwellers in the Forbidden City - a lovely sand-boxy old school module that can keep a group busy for months.

  27. I've run UK2 The Sentinel and UK3 The Gauntlet more times than I can remember. But neither is actually my favorite - they're just easy to use as beginner adventures. My favorite to run is probably UK1 The Eye of the Serpent. A very rare one - a solo adventure for fairly obscure classes. Ran that one at least three times, including twice in GURPS - 1e and 3e.

  28. Dave Hargrave's Death Heart module for Arduin. It was a meat grinder and had such fantastic and unique treasures!!!

    BTW, congrats on getting married :)
    May you and the bride be happy all of your days :D

  29. Congratulations on the pending nuptials. There are three that I go back and forth on. I will list all three

    Tegel Manor
    Dark Tower
    Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

  30. The Village of Homlett was my first experience with a published adventure. I remember it perhaps more kindly than it deserves.

  31. entries are now closed - prizes are awarded on the nov 6, 2011 post

  32. My favorite pre-written module has to be the original I6: Ravenloft adventure that had the classic GM advice on how to play a super-intelligent NPC.


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