Friday, June 17, 2011

1000th Post Contest Closes... Whenever I Wake Up In the Morning and Log In :)

Which means you still have a few hours to add your comment to this post (as in the link, not this actual post) and possibly come away with some free loot.

As a side note, did my LotFP's Weird Fantasy is Porn post really stir up this much crap?  The main point I was making is that for people less involved in the hobby (not bloggers / designers / forum and blog readers, etc but definitely gamers) going from say, Swords & Wizardry to Weird Fantasy is a HUGE leap in the type of content and style.  Art tends to stick out, as it's easier to notice then the written word on a quick flip thru.  So yes, they called it "porn".  It might not fit your definition of such, may or may not fit mine, but it fit someone's last saturday.

Besides, it's was a blog title that wrote itself the moment I heard it.

In any case, bloggers (including myself) tend to have huge opinions, but few if any of us are experts on anything.  Unless you subscribe to the theory that all TV and Radio Talk Show hosts are experts, in which case... I'm an expert too, cause a blog is a media outlet, so there!  Na-na-na-na!  :)


  1. Maybe? I pulled out the Tutorial at our session last Monday (since Carter opened his Skype call by sticking the cover up to his webcam and saying "this demon is your new best friend"), and the reaction from arguably our most "sensitive" player after perusing it was "This is really nicely done. I like this.". This is from someone that really disliked the 'Gangster Sex' scene in A History of Violence and couldn't understand how our female friends could get anything positive out of it. I think compared to other OSR stuff he's used to seeing in his brief 6 mo. gaming career, the production values (including binding, layout, and quality [if not subject matter] of the art) were surprisingly high. So, there are multiple takes on it out there.

    And congrats on getting to 1000 posts! Hard to imagine doing that. Rock on.

  2. Hey hey, if you wouldn't mind drop me an e-mail at askpadre@aol.com. I thought the beginning of the conversation about LORFP was very good and respectful, gradually it became corrupted by some of the worst tendencies of the internet environment and the conversation lost it potential to really be beneficial for most readers. It became emblematic of how poorly conversations on the internet can go. Hopefully my blog will be back up soon and I may ramble a little bit over there about my experience with internet conversations becoming totally SNAFU’d & FUBAR'd.

  3. @ thanks spawn

    @padre looking forward to your future rambling ;)


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