Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Duty, Day Two

Waiting on the lawyers to arrive so they can get back to questioning more of us prospective jurors.

Even got feedback on yesterday's Traveller freebie on Facebook. There is something about Traveller that makes it THE classic game. My problem with it was the lack of character advancement. I need to dig up my copy of the Mongoose Traveller pocket rules and see if that changed. Advancement is a big carrot in the "keep player's coming back" scheme of things.

Time willing I'll work on the next entry of Tales of the Blue Knight while I kill time.

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  1. There is advancement and there is advancement. While your character may not improve much in terms of game mechanics there are a bunch of stuff they can build up in the game. Their starship, merc company, noble titles, etc, etc.

  2. All true Rob, but my group back in the day was more about character's skills and abilities. The change to Traveller's all skills up front, no expo, was a difficult adjustment.

    As an aside, back in the main jury pool. Hoefullt today is the last day.

  3. There will be no day three of jury duty... phew

  4. Another great time killer for your iPad - Lux (there's a free version). It's basically Risk. Pretty cheap fun.


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