Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Crazy - Really Loopy

Yep, on my weekend getaway I made a purchase at RPGNOW / DriveThruRPPG. Nothing new there, I tend to pick up PDFs there on a nearly weekly basis. I need to find time to read them... heh.

It wasn't the purchase of OUBLIETTE Issue 2 that makes me label myself as crazy. The first issue was a good one and I have no reason to expect anything less from the second issue. This purchase probably marks me as somewhat sane. Haven't done more then glance at it yet.

No, the purchase that marks be as loopy, crazy, jumped into the deep end of the pool is Legends of Anglerre. I'm a big fan of the FATE system even tho I've yet to use it in game. Spirit of the Century, Starblazer Adventures (nice, loose sci-fi rules), Dresden Files... its a great system for storytelling. Legends of Anglerre makes the FATE system accessible to us Fantasy roleplayers. And it looks good so far. I say so far because its a huge friggin book. The damn iPad is getting a workout.

Now all I want to do is read ALL of my FATE powered RPGs and see what I can steal from each. There is not enough free time for me to do so. And it is really driving me loopy. It's not like I can read the stuff at my desk at work... or I could, but the results won't be pretty, work-wise.

I need another vacation. ;)

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