Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vacation is Over... Did I Miss a Party?

After a fine 9 days off, I'm back to work tomorrow. If things had gone perfect in the scheme of grand karma, the iPad would have shipped on its first reported date and in all likelihood the iPad w/ 3G would have come out this past week and I would be giving a hands on review right now... especially as to how it handles PDFs.

Alas, the 3G won't be shipping until the end of April... which means I won't be getting my iPad until then. In for a penny, in for a pound. If I'm willing to blow 5 bills, may as well blow the whole wad and have access to the net away from Wi-Fi.

Yes, I'm a techie AND a gaming geek... so beat me! See, the money I save getting my gaming in PDF format is funding my iPad purchase. Really! Or not, but it sure sounds good ;)

In the meantime my Kindle DX is serving me well. As an aside, if any of my Kindle subscribers (and there are a few) have trouble with any links i may have posted (or will post) email me at Erik AT Trublunite DOT net. Amazing what you have to do to fend of the trolling spam bots!

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