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Monday, April 18, 2016

Mapping Monday - Playing Around with Dungeon Painter Online (Free Online Mapping App)

Yep, got it in my head to check out the various mapping programs / apps available for the mapping handicapped like myself. I'm sorry, but most of the mapping programs out there have a learning curve exponentially beyond my learning curve.

The above map took about 20 minutes and that included learning the interface at Dungeon Painter Online. I wasn't looking to do anything in particular, just wanted to take it for a short test drive and kick the tires a bit. For a free online app it's easy to learn, which is good at the documentation is limited. I need to spend some more time reading the forums.

If you use the Fantasy Fortress, Old School D&D or Pencil tile sets, the resulting maps are freely licensed for use in commercial projects, which is pretty cool.

In any case, I'm sure 95% of my readers can do better than my test drive ;)

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