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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Weren't Able to get to North Texas RPG Con? Roll for Initiative Did a Live Podcast

+Vincent Florio from RFI and Glenn from Save or Die did a live podcast last Friday and Saturday at the NTRPG Con.

Some highlights:

Steve Winter - simply amazing info on the TSR days of D&D and Steve's high hopes for 5e.

Sandy Petersen - Cthulhu Wars sounds like a slamming game. Damn shame I didn't give it a closer look while I was at the con.

+Jim Wampler - Regular host on Save or Die and Spellburn. He says some very kind words about your's truly - glad we finally met over breakfast on Sunday. I need to thank +Doug Kovacs and +Michael Curtis for that luck.

Vince and Glenn did a nice recap of games I didn't get to play in either.

And other guests too numerous to mention :)

Assuming I made the cut, the next episode should have an interview with me from Saturday

1 comment:

  1. NorthTex was the best convention I was ever at. Have to try to make 2015.


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