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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Release - Crypts and Things Remastered (OSR Swords & Sorcery)

I backed the Kickstarter, have the PDF and I'm waiting on the HC to arrive. I'm talking about Crypts and Things Remastered.

I ran a hack of the original Crypts & Things a few years back and it played real well. I'm looking forward to running Crypts and Things Remastered.

Still reading the expanded rules, so a review will have to wait, but what I've read thus far looks good. I may steal some pieces for my upcoming Swords & Wizardry Campaign using DCC RPG Adventures. SWCTDCC. Heh.

The PDF is $13, the SC Print & PDF is $26 and HC Print & PDF is $40

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Crypts and Things (C&T) is a Swords and Sorcery Roleplaying game based upon the Old School Rules of the 70s/80s. It also draws upon the British fantasy games and game-books of that period to bring a distinctly dark and dangerous feel to the game. 
It was originally released back in early 2012 and after a highly successful Kickstarter in 2015 it returns in a Remastered edition, with revised and expanded content and completely new art by David M. Wright. 
-Introduction : An over view of the book.-The Scrolls of Wonder
-The Player's section of the game, which explains how to create and play the character who will be the player's alter ego in the game.
-Creating a Character: Guidelines for creating the player's fictional alter-ego in the game.-Character Classes: Nine character archetypes for players to choose from. Four Core (Barbarian, Fighter, Sorcerer, Thief) and five exotic (Beast Hybrid, Disciple, Elementalist, Lizard People and Serpent Man).-Life Events: Quick background events tables which briefly detail the character's origin and what they did before adventuring.-Spell Lists: Black, Grey and White Magic, plus Elemental Magic.-How to Play: The game's simple and straightforward rules.-The Continent of Terror: A brief overview of the game's included setting.-What the Elder Told Me: Each of the eight human cultures of the setting detailed in ten questions and answers from a young adult to a respected elder about their worldview. 
The Book of Doom - This is the referee's section of the book.
-Secrets of the Continent of Terror: A deeper view of the setting for referee's, with adventure seeds and encounter tables.-The Greater Others and their Works: Three of the terrifying Greater Others and their followers detailed for use in play.-Snake Dance: A closer look at the society of the insidious Serpent Men.-Scourges of the Dying World: Five evil nemeses to thwart and oppose the player characters.-Ill Gotten Gains of Dark Desire: Treasure and perilous magic items.-A Compendium of Fiends: Dark and deadly monsters to populate your adventures with.-The Halls of Nizar-Thun: An introductory underground adventure.-The Haunted Lands: An introductory wilderness adventure.-Port Black Mire: A fearsome city detailed for urban adventures.-Notes from the Abyss: A compilation of articles and resources to aid the referee.


  1. I am looking forward to the HC turning up. My G20 group rate it quite highly, but I read virtually. Itching in PDF these days so am waiting for the dead tree version.....

  2. Nice cover. I've never actually got around to looking at this game, but I should do that.

  3. Not only did I back this but I bought extra HC's for my gaming group.

  4. The texture in the logo is horrible! It reminds me of an 8 bit Nintendo title screen! I.LOVE.IT. :D

  5. The texture in the logo is horrible! It reminds me of an 8 bit Nintendo title screen! I.LOVE.IT. :D


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