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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Swords & Wizardry Continual Light - Print at Home Beta Proof

As I mentioned earlier, +James Spahn laid out the working beta / playtest version of the Swords & Wizardry Continual Light rules. I decided to print a digest sized reference copy for myself. Damn but it's sweet!

I have heavier paper I could have used for the cover, but this was just a quick test to see how it would come out digest sized - 5 8"x10.5" sheets. The print is small but readable, even for my nearly 50 year old eyes.

I still have a page of optional rules that I have to tighten up and we still have 7 adventures and a mini hex sandbox (or non quite a sandbox - more on that later) to include - so we are guessing 32 to 36 pages for the full final project - 16 pages or so for the rules, about the same about for adventures and setting.

I expect I'll be bringing a dozen or so "final beta" copies (lacking adventure and setting but with the rules pretty much locked down) of SWCL to GaryCon. Maybe we'll do colored covers or something ;)


  1. So can't wait for this... Were playing light now and rocking it.


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