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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Session Playtest - The Unmaking Campaign - Swords & Wizardry

I run Swords & Wizardry fairly regularly, but it is rare that I get to actually play in a session. Come to think of it, NTRPG Con was my first session of S&W as a player. Damn.

So, when +Jason Paul McCartan asked me to join the playtest of his forthcoming The Unmaking Campaign for S&W, I was all over it like a pig in mud.

The playtesters besides myself are +James Aulds , +Zach Glazar , +Nathaniel Hull and +joseph browning . Yep, you may recognize some of those names. Needless to say, Jason has his hands full ;)

I'm playing a Dwarven fighter / cleric. Actually, our party is well rounded with fighter and thief types and even a monk. No magic-user, which may be a problem down the line, or not.

I don't want to give too much away, as it is a playtest of an upcoming product, but there were some highlights - quotes even - that should be shared.

- "Religious Looting" - when the dwarven fighter / cleric entered the abandoned tavern and immediately started liberating the casks of ale BEFORE looking for signs of survivors (or the dead)

- "Man can live on ale, but feed a man just bread and he will die of thirst." - direct quote from above dwarven cleric when asked about his obsession with ale and his desire to feed town-folks with it before considering actual food.

- "Stay behind the halfling!" - when you think about it, that can never be a good situation

- "If you are going to die, die in front of a church." Yep. Been there and done did. Ouch!

I really need to sit down with Jason and decide how much of the story I can divulge. I don't want to give away any secrets but I do want to share some of the excellent scenario Jason has shown us thus far.

edit - I forgot the follow:  "He dropped like a Tenkar."


  1. Jason listed these same quotes, except the most powerful one..."he dropped like a Tenkar"...dubious editing to be sure :)

    1. corrected as you were replying it seems ;)

    2. heh, your blogs many fans deserve to follow your exploits. It will be my turn soon enough (though now that I know that quotes are being taken I will be more careful with my words:) )

  2. I think it's safe to say that there's going to be a lot of memorable moments in the future with this campaign...

  3. How does a humble blogger get in on this stuff?

    1. By being silly enough to accept a request for players...

      After I get the first playtest out of the way, I may run a second playtest of this campaign a couple of months behind the first, to test the various changes and tweaks that have been made to modules.


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