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Friday, August 30, 2013

Home Today Having Fios Installed - Which Will Mean at Some Point - No Internet - Scary!

Even the idea of having no internet for just a few hours is strangely unnerving. Until I remember I have my Clear Wireless Internet Hub - lol ;)

Seriously, how do these D&D adventuring party's go anywhere without Google Maps, GPS, google search for the monsters' weaknesses, finding the location of a good inn and all of the other goodies ;)


  1. I still possess the arcane skill of navigating with a paper map.

    Over the years the biggest issue I see is people have difficulty translating GPS (or a paper map) into what they see outside their window. Some do it easily, others not so well.

    I am one of the lucky one and I have been able to navigate through a pitch forest forest on a moonless night.

  2. I handle all gaming matters via my laptop. For me, my phone is just that, a phone. Don't want to actually "talk?" Then don't call. I really have no interest in all that "mobile" tech.

    But by all means, enjoy yourself with it!

    @Rob: As an Over-the-Road Truck Driver, I am well acquainted with my types of GPS Satellite tracking. Very handy gadgets.

  3. Reading a map was about the only thing that made me useful in the National Guard.


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