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Thursday, February 7, 2013

I'm on Vacation Next Week - Let's Do a Tunnels & Trolls Friday Night Kickoff!

I've been looking to kick off a "once a month" Tunnels & Trolls game for a while now, and with vacation coming up for me next week, it seems like the perfect time.

So, Friday, February 15th at about 8pm Eastern Time using G+ Hangouts and the Roll20 app.

I have 2 spots reserved, so 4 spots are open.

Using T&T 5.5 rules with some house rules drawn from 7.5.

Let me know if you're interested. If I have too many for a single session, I might run a second, but that entails balancing "wife agro", so i can't guarantee it ;)


  1. Wife argo is an important factor. One I would draw if I told her I wanted to play on Friday night. Would love to get in a T&T game.

  2. @Tim - what nights work with the "wife agro"?

    I'll set the second session for a non-friday / non-saturday night ;)

  3. Let me check into it. I have broken open my T&T since Origins a couple years ago when I got the chance to play with Ken.

  4. That is a great time for me (8Am Saturday)! I'd like a seat, but I've not played T&T, nor read the rules, ever.


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