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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Gary Con - Gygax House

Gary Con wrapped up today. I'll be giving some observations and recaps throughout the coming week.

Tonight we did a "drive-by" of the old Gygax House. It was a bit foggy. so maybe that's where we got the halo effect on the left side of the page. Interesting in any case.

Spent the midnight hours last night  drinking with a handful of gamer cops from Seattle and Los Angeles. Never would have expected to find them, or should I say have them find me. +Zach Glazar and +Michael Badolato thought #ConManKen had hired some hitmen to take me out as I was "borrowed" for a few minutes. Damn good time had by all.


  1. I wonder who owns the house now, and if they're used to gamers walking by and taking pictures. I admit, when I was in Lake Geneva Wednesday I walked around it and recorded it, but the quality was abysmal unfortunately.

  2. I don't suppose one of those gamer cops from L.A. was a guy named Dave, by any chance? He's an old friend in my gaming group, and I was jealous of him going to GaryCon. Fantastic guy and a great gamer.

  3. This year and two years ago the owners allowed Gary Con D&D and Chainmail games to be played in their home. That's pretty frickin' cool.


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