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Friday, September 26, 2014

The OSR Gaming Forums Take it up a Notch - Now I Might ACTUALLY find a use for a Forum

Over the past weekend the OSR Gaming forums were down. Whether it was a DOS or just an internet hiccup, I don't know. I do know that it prodded +Vincent Florio to take another look at his OSR Gaming Forums set up, and from what I can tell, the revised forums turned it up to eleven (yes, obligatory Spinal tap reference included.)

So, what's new?

- a real time IM system - so I can harass those that are currently reading the forums when I log in. Huzzah!

- dice rollers - so you can run games in the forums, use it for character generation for your non-forum game, play some craps, etc.

- all posts have +1 Google plus feature - I'm sold - G+ is my social media method of preference (although I am expanding my friends on Facebook recently) - I'll need to try this feature

- RSS Features for all forums - cool for those that use such features - I don't, cause I'm generally too lazy

- The ability to use Tapatalk from any smartphone to use the forums - I'll judge this once I've used it enough to have an opinion

- An Articles section to post up adventures, hooks, characters, etc - cool, as it kinda make the forum into an online magazine, at least in part, without calling it a magazine. Vince, how about OSR Gaming Mag for the new forum site? ;)


  1. Gonna go check it out now. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Of course you should check it out Tim. I'm on there!

      aka DM Glen

  2. You can add a "Tweet" twitter button on the post too now.

  3. Wow in my fit of dyslexia I totally read the site as Orgasming... *rubs eyes* ahh much better


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