Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to Handle a TPK - Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Style

Continuing my Random Quest throughout he Dungeon Crawl Classics RPGI have decided to take a look at page 306 (for those playing along at home):  Questing for the Impossible

Although set up as possible quests, these really are more like adventure seeds.  Some, like Heal a terrible poison or disease or Remove a curse, are events that may occur as the PCs try to save themselves or one of their party members.

Nothing quite motivates one as survival does.

My favorite is this one:  Total Party Kill.  I want to pull this out in the next game I DM and a TPK happens.  It doesn't have to be DCC... and rpg will do.

Total party kill: Don’t end the game! Transport all the player characters to Hell—where they can give in to Death’s demands or try to fight their way out!
This is epic!  Damn, I almost want to kill off my PCs now...


  1. Triple Ace Games did a supplement about this for Hellfrost (a small, free one). Since its a Viking influenced setting fighting on in eternity kind of makes sense. :-)

  2. i might just have to grab that for inspiration ;)

  3. If it motivates you in any way, one of your players is my DM and his body PC body count is staggering in our LOTFP game. Ask him about it.

  4. no need for me to ask... was 34 the last count? ;)

  5. Nice. I'm snagging my copy of DCC tomorrow, looking forward to it.

  6. I've always liked the idea of questing into the afterlife to rescue a comrade, instead of just paying a cleric to raise dead or whatever. It had never occurred to me to send the entire party, but it's a great idea.


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