Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ken Whitman - Criminal Defense Civil Attorney at Law (or does he just play one on TV?)

This should be the last post sharing this thread disturbing thread, as Ken blocked the other half of it immediately after this conversation. BTW, Ken has gone from saying he is going to file Criminal charges to Civil charges now.

Ken Whitman
3/18, 4:24am
Ken Whitman

Sufflatus Lorem
3/18, 4:37am
Sufflatus Lorem

Hey, Kenny! Missed ya man!
Ken Whitman
3/18, 4:37am
Ken Whitman

Attachment Unavailable
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Ken Whitman
3/18, 4:38am
Ken Whitman

"refers to the trade, office, or profession of another person, and is calculated to injure him."
Sufflatus Lorem
3/18, 4:39am
Sufflatus Lorem

" In Georgia, the elements of a defamation claim are:

    a false statement about the plaintiff; "

Nothing I have said is false.

However, each moment spent by you doing 'legal research' is another moment you wont be scamming people out of their money.

State of the Tavern - What a Beautiful State it Is :)

Know what the hardest part of retirement mode is thus far? Returning to normal sleeping habits, or at least, the sleeping habits of normal people. I did midnights for nearly the last seven months and even sleeping normal hours (such as they are) still hits me for a late afternoon nap. That too, shall change.

So, here's the Monday thru Thursday breakdown for my time sinks:

- 2 hours a day of game related reading. I am SO behind on reading my gaming purchases and review copies that I've accumulated. Current goal is 3 to 4 mini reviews a week.

- 2 hours a day devoted to the 3 blogs - The Tavern, The Taproom and Saturday Knight Special - posts, research, and the like. These have the greatest chance to be multiple post days.

- 2 hours a day to creating - StarSlinger, random tables, maps, items, spells, classes - the intent is to build a slush pile of content without forcing myself into one type of content. Of course, much of this will be going up on The Tavern and out to my Paetreons.

So, in a way, it's 6 hours a day 4 days a week related to the 3 blogs and gaming material, directly or indirectly. Obviously, 90% of the time will be related to The Tavern and gaming.

Fridays are "Uncle & Pinky Day". So it is written, so it will be done. Probably a single post day.

Saturday will be the day Rach and I scout out local NY Breweries and Brew Pubs. Saturday night is my gaming night. Again, single post day most likely.

Sundays are a bit of everything. Podcast recording every other Sunday. Maybe more often in other podcast come to light. I'd really like to do a weekly OSR News podcast that hits the 15 minute mark, but we'll see. I expect a morning post and a later day post.

As for a series of posts with a specific theme (thank you for some awesome ideas everyone who commented here):

- I'd like to do a series of posts where I informally interview some of the movers and shakers, big and small, in the OSR. This might be done as a podcast with posted transcript. I need to figure this out.

- I like the idea of mining (for lack of a better term :) obscure rules from the early editions of the D&D / AD&D. This might also make an appearance in some form on the Path of Legends Podcast.

- Giving the various neighborhoods of NYC a fantasy rewrite is an awesome idea. Will take some work and research to kick this off properly. Of course, this ties in with the idea of a series of city articles as well as some law enforcement articles.

- I like random tables. I don't much like writing them ;)

- Stories from the Gaming Table. God, yes but then I become the guy at the Con everyone wants to walk away from :)

- Obscure OSR genres? Hmmmm

Alright, I'm thinking about them all. More then one will come to be. Some may be limited in scope, others might be indefinite. God, I do so love it when there's a plan. Even when it's written on a paper napkin ;)

Kickstarter - Robert E. Howard's Conan Roleplaying Game


Simply wow.

The numbers raised. Wow.

With just over a day to go in it's funding, Robert E. Howard's Conan Roleplaying Game raised over half a million dollars. Over $500,000 for those that need it in numeral form.

Amazing numbers, and it's not just the licensed property itself that is driving those figures. What you can get for you money as a backer is, quite simply amazing.

For $58 you can get the core book and all the stretch goals in PDF format. Right now, the stretch goals account for 11 112-page sourcebook and adventure books (with more to be added if further stretch goals are met. $87 gets you the core book in print and PDF and all the stretch goals in PDF. I just need the core in Print personally - the rest in PDF is fine and dandy. There are levels to get all stretch goals announce in Print and PDF but I don't see the same value as the $87 level.

Did I mention they are also including the Mongoose D20 releases of Conan to PDF for everyone at the "everything" levels as well as a D20 to 2D20 (the system Conan will be using) conversion booklet. Hell, I'm tempted to use the material I'll be getting in PDF to covert to an OSR system or 5e.

In any case, amazing value to be had and impossible to pass up if you are a Conan fan.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Tales from the Game Tavern: Issue #3 is Out (System Neutral)

This probably should have been posted on St Patrick's Day, but things have been busy here at The Tavern. Still playing catch up on all things gaming related, Tavern related, other blogs related. Soon ;)

The contents of the latest Tales from the Game Tavern include:

    Ecology of the Redcap: Murderous wee folk that haunt ruined places.

    Sídhe Fungus Gardens: Strange fungi and bacteria of the faerie mounds.

    Crock of Gold: A drop die table for use in your campaign.

    Mr. Tweed’s Spectacles: A mid-level adventure involving a leprechaun.

    Beer Bread: They will be begging for it every game session (mmmmm... beer)

So yes, very St Paddy's Day in flavor. All you need is some green beer.

(edit - no affiliation to Tenkar's Tavern - but a damn cool name for a zine none the less)

Tales from the Game Tavern is 6 bucks in Print and 3 bucks in PDF

Middle Earth Coming to D&D 5e This Summer (Gollum!)

As announced over at the Escapist, EnWorld and other places online, Cubicle 7 is bringing the world of Middle Earth to D&D 5e (which, by extension and minimal tweaking means it should be accessible to every edition except 4th)
"We're all very excited to be building on the success of The One Ring Roleplaying Game and bringing Middle-earth to D&D players," Cubicle 7 CEO Dominic McDowall said in a statement. "Uniting two things very close to the hearts of gamers, me included, is very cool - I can't wait for the summer." 
Cubicle 7 will base its new Middle-earth game around The One Ring, and has brought designer Francesco Nepitello on as a consultant. Presumably the games won't have too many content differences, but simply give D&D players a chance to play using a more familiar rules system. Details will be announced soon, but we're expecting an initial release date sometime in Summer 2016.
The driving question will be, as always: is Gandalf a 4th Level Magic-user?

Ken Whitman and the Wall of Text (Grab your reading glasses)

As a follow up to yesterday's post of screenshots of a conversation on Facebook between Ken Whitman and an anonymous third party, I have now been given the text file of the conversation in full. Be warned, it is huge. It is long. It is crass and rude and full of legal threats that just aren't valid IMHO. No one is getting extradited across state lines nor even county lines for Ken's complaints. Just ain't happening.

I've been offered access to the Facebook account of the anonymous user to verify the conversation was, in fact, with Ken. I have not yet accepted said request. I don't see a need. That may change. Actually, my mind may be changing already, as the linked conversation would go back to Ken's account with the new photo, if he did in fact change it. Hmmmm.

I am not cleaning this up or making it easier to read. There simply is too much. It can get confusing at times. Again, it is long.

BTW, I'm not looking to prevent Ken from making money (one of the frequent theme's contained in the conversation.) I'm just trying to provide folks that are out of their money, their pockets, accurate information on the status of the projects they backed AND give future backers enough information so they can do due diligence on any projects in the future. 

Ken says KotDT LAS is DONE. Ready to go. No hard drive needed apparently. Huzzah! Announcement in a few weeks, so figure around April 1st I'm guessing. Fitting.

Ken, if you want to tell your side of the story, I'm all ears. Not giving you a dime to pay for an interview but if you are up for one I guarantee it will deal only with FACTS and be as vulgarity free as you can make it. The questions will be tough but fair. Your call.

Edit - seems like Ken is still leaving destruction in his wake. See NotAnotherDime

Alright. Get a glass of water. Put on those reading glasses. Strap yourself in so you don't fall over from vertigo...

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ken Whitman - A Facebook Conversation with Sufflatus Lorem

Someone (Sufflatus Lorem) sent me screenshots of a conversation they had with Ken Whitman on Facebook. Now, the person conversing with Ken is obviously using a fake name (even Ken calls him on it) but Ken apparently can't help being Ken.

Of course, the boogeyman in the closet is none other than +Jolly Blackburn . Yep, can't make this shit up if I tried.

Quick synopsis - there is a mysterious cabal of six business (men? -es? no idea) helping Ken from behind the scenes, but they don't want to be ID'ed for fear of being targeted by Jolly and his posse. Oh, and the failure of Jolly to provide a hard drive (as opposed to the failure of an unbacked up hard drive with all the video for the KotDT Live Action Series) is what is preventing this whole project from moving forward. 500 GB HDs externals start at 50 bucks at Best Buy. Yes, the mysterious benefactors can't afford 50 bucks for a hard drive...

Be warned, Kenny is a potty mouth. Not safe for work if someone is looking over your shoulder and I suspect not safe to work with as Kenny appears a bit spontaneous. He does seem to have a mother fixation, just not on his own.

edit: The anonymous half of this conversation is not Jolly or anyone else I personally know. Ken is just good at making friends apparently.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Reminder - Tavern Chat Tomorrow - 9PM Eastern - Elvis has Left the Building

Tavern Chat is tomorrow night, Thursday, March 17th at 9PM Eastern. It will be my first Tavern Chat post quasi-retirement (I started running time when i got off this morning at 605 AM.

There's a bunch of stuff I'd like to get going now that time is on my side - time to discuss the future of The Tavern tomorrow night (and the soon to be resurrected sister blogs of Saturday Knight Special and Tenkar's Taproom)

To infinity and beyond!

Kickstarter - Classic Edition GM Screen by New Big Dragon Games Unlimited

+Richard LeBlanc is one of my favorite creators in the OSR corner of the hobby. His D30 Sandbox Companion is THE go to product on my gaming shelf when I'm short on adventure ideas. Rich knows his gaming stuff, knows his art, knows his layout... yes, he simply knows his shit and it shows.

Rich's New Big Dragon Games Unlimited is running a Kickstarter for a Classic Edition GM Screen. It's what you see above. I actually got to handle a beta version of the screen last June at NTRPG Con and I was very impressed. I can only imagine how much nicer it is with 8 more months of development.

But wait. Your not just getting 2 3-panel GM screens:

6-panel (12-page) BX Game Masters Screen (in two 3-panel pieces) 

This is the most comprehensive GM screen ever created for BX editions of the original RPG and comparable retro-clones. The inside and outside faces of each screen will be printed on 15 pt. cover stock, and glued together to create 30 pt. thickness!!! Additionally, the entire screen will be protected with a UV coating for resistance to abrasion and staining. The exterior of this 6-panel (12-page) screen features artwork by the legendary artist Arthur Rackham, and content panels include all the pertinent information any Classic (BX/LL) GM needs to run their game, including:

-Experience point & spell level progressions for each character class
-Class-based combat & saving throw tables
-Class abilities & attribute adjustments
-Tables for Clerical turning and Thieves' abilities
-Variable damage by weapon; missile fire ranges; AC by armor type
-Step-by-step outlines for both turn sequence & combat sequence
-A simplified Treasure Types table
-Comprehensive cost lists for weapons, equipment, and animals
-Complete movement information (including dungeon, wilderness, airborne, and encumbered movement)
-Henchmen/hirelings, mercenaries & specialists (recruitment, requirements, salaries, and abilities)
-8-page GM Table Reference Document: This 8-page letter-sized piece includes all of the tables from the GM screens in a handle table-ready format. Features additional cover art by Arthur Rackham. Printed on a 60# uncoated cover stock and saddle-stitched.

8 Individual Card Stock Master Character Sheets (1 Generic Sheet + 7 Class-specific Sheets): Each of the 7 class-specific character record sheet contains the most pertinent information each player needs (e.g., notes on which types of weapons & armor may be used by the class, additional experience earned based on prime requisites, and special abilities like clerics' turning and thieves' abilities). In addition to the 7 classic character class sheets (cleric, dwarf, elf, fighter, halfling, magic-user, and thief), an 8th "generic" sheet is usable by any character class. Printed on an 80# uncoated cover stock.

Spells Record Sheet: This record sheet is usable by any spellcasting PC, and includes places to list each known spell's name, range, duration, and area of effect, as well as other pertinent notes. Printed on an 80# uncoated cover stock.

Character Record Log: This record sheet provides a place to write the information a GM needs for up to 6 PCs or NPCs, including the basics (name, class, hp, level, AC, etc.) as well as ability scores, saving throws, equipment/inventory, and other notes. Printed on an 80# uncoated cover stock.

4-page Cleric Spell Handout: The cover of this digest-sized piece notes spells gained by level, and the inside includes all the key information (e.g., range, duration, spell notes, etc.) for all the cleric spells contained in the classic red and blue rule books (plus a few additional core spells from other early editions). Printed on a 60# uncoated cover stock.

8-page Magic-user Spell Handout: The cover of this digest-sized piece notes spells gained by level, and the inside includes all the key information (e.g., range, duration, spell notes, etc.) for all the magic-user spells contained in the classic red and blue rule books (plus a few additional core spells from other early editions). Printed on a 60# uncoated cover stock and saddle-stitched.

That's a lot of stuff for your $43 investment and you get it all in PDF too. If print isn't your preferred media (or if your budget is tight) you can get the total package in PDF for a mere 7 bucks.

Did I mention I love the art used?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Barrel Rider Games Releases "The Hero's Journey" RPG as PWYW

+James Spahn had shown me an early beta version of The Hero's Journey. I liked what I saw, but lack of free time prevented me from giving it a proper review. Now that time is freeing up, I should get to that review in the next week or so. Which is good, as James has released The Hero's Journey as a PWYW product on RPGNow.

Here's the blurb:
The Hero's Journey Fantasy Roleplaying™ is a complete tabletop roleplaying game based on and compatible with Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox™. It provides fourteen classes, a complete bestiary, rules for adventuring, with optional rules to help you tailor your gaming experience and tell the legendary stories that you've always imagined. All you need is this book, a few dice, and a stout heart. 
Inside these pages you've find information from previous supplements in the White Box line of products published by Barrel Rider Games that have been compiled, updated, streamlined and integrated with the material found in Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox™ to create a complete roleplaying game. This information has been packaged in a clean, visually appealing design to create a game with the options of fantasy gaming from the 1980s and 1990s while holding to the simplicity and flexibility of the early days of the hobby. 
Download it. Use it whole or use pieces of it.

And the Winners of Last Week's Contest Are...

I apologize for the delay in awarding the prizes. Walking into retirement isn't always the smooth sailing you expect it to be. It's not Die Hard crazy, but it's been a busy couple of nights ;)

So, the winners of $10 RPGNow Gift Certificates are:


Godzilla Geek

The above need to hit me up at tenkarsDOTtavern at that Gmail thing and I'll get them out to you :)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Real Life Intrudes on the Muse

This is one of those rare days I'm literally at a loss for what to post. Sometimes, the muse does not awake when I do in the morning (er, afternoon for at least 2 more days)

At least, I'm at a loss as to what to post gaming related, but as for life and death, real life, I do have something to say.

My last shift I can damn close to losing someone I know. Not through the actions of another, not through carelessness nor the vagaries of fate, but through his own actions. Intentional actions.

I know very well that threats of suicide are most often calls for help but I've seen too often the impulse succeed before the calls are heard, let alone answered.

Thankfully this morning ended well or as well as can be under the circumstances.

There are places to call, people that listen. Nothing is worth losing a life over. Especially not your own.

These last few days are proving rougher than expected...

(As for the local PD whose actions saved this life, my heartfelt thanks)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Kickstarter - City State of the Invincible Overlord - Not so Invincible Anymore

City State of the Invincible Overlord (reprint / revision) Kickstarter - everything was fine until it actually funded.

Lost main author? Check

Maps taking longer to produce than expected? Check

Spent money on add on miniatures before setting aside enough funds to actually produce the funded project and stretch goals? Check! (minis are a money sink - only one man can pull them off successful as part of a non-mini project. He's named below)

Senior generation calling out the younger generation and assigning blame? Check and check.

Spent money on hookers and blow? Er, no. At least, not yet. Give it time. Wait, project is in the red. Do they take credit? Edit - direct reference to a statement made by Tavis Allison in regards to the Dwimmermount fiasco. Said in jest then, said in jest now. Just adding context for those who might need it. 

I've seen melt downs on Kickstarters before, but I'm ready to wash my hands of this one.

As of February 2015, it was already potentially 12k in the RED. Shipping has only gone up I'm sure. And why does anyone except for +Zach Glazar include minis with their Kickstarter? It's insane!

Then there was Bob II and his quasi public posting last week criticizing Bob III.

Out of context? That's what they say. It's also a severe case of hoping that folks understand that Goodman Games is running the current reprint Kickstarter for Judges Guild, not Judges Guild themselves. BTW, from what I've been told the Bledsaws are fine folk. It's just that Kickstarter is a dangerous mistress that can turn on one without warning. Boon and curse, it's all one and the same. Sometimes you need money just to lose it.

Goal was $28k. Over $85k was raised. If they'd raised less money, maybe the amount of red would have been less.
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