Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG App For iPad and Android on Kickstarter

This is a little bit different than the other Dungeon Crawl Classics Kickstarters I've mentioned.  The Crawler's Companion is an app for the iPad and Android 2.2+.  I've never found much use for gaming apps in the past, but this one looks great.  I'm already in (did I mention that certain support levels give you free PDFs of Purple Sorcerer's DCC RPG Adventures?)

Here's some of the features listed at the Kickstarter:

Crawler's Companion features include:

  • Funky Dice Roller: D3-D100 and everything in between
  • Critical Hit Charts: All player and monster charts
  • Failure Charts: Fumbles, corruptions, misfires, deity disapproval!
  • Rules Reference: Many topics available for quick reference.
  • Spell Reference and Resolution: Yep, they’re all there! 
  • Multiple Modes: Have the program roll for you, or use it to quickly reference the charts based on your own physical dice rolling


  1. Wow, "there's an app for that" already? Well, not yet, of course, but still...they're working on one. Interesting. On one hand, I really like the idea from a convenience standpoint (although I don't currently have a smartphone). What a great way to handle the funky dice thing, since I'm still not fully comfortable with the Zocchi dice. And also a good thing for the spell reference. BUT, does this tarnish the "old school cred" in a way? I mean, there's something integral to old school when it comes through flipping through a book to get to the tables, spell descriptions, etc. It does speak to the games higher level of "crunch" compared to, say, Labyrinth Lord. Obviously you don't need the app to play and get the real old school experience. And even if you have the app you'll still be playing in the old school spirit, just with new tech ;-).

  2. That is awesome.. I have really been underwhelmed by the RPG apps available for the Android.. This is a good start.


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