Saturday, March 5, 2016

Kickstarter- Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught (Drinking Quest IV)

My Gods, how did I miss this? Jason Anarchy is kickstarting Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught, which is actually Drinking Quest Volume IV. I'm so in!

Seriously, if we get to organize an informal PubCon spring / summer of 2016, Drinking Quest WILL be played.

Cards, dice, RPG elements and booze. What could be better?

Well, more content for DQ is always better. Instead of 4 quests like each of the original games consisted of, Drinking Quest IV has 6. 50% More drinking!

as for the Risk & Challenges:
Risks and challenges 
I do this for a living so my reputation is on the line if I don't keep backers happy. 
I'm very experienced with the printing and fulfillment process. 
The game is done but I'm just doing final text editing and formatting so the files will be ready for print with no delay after the campaign ends. 
It is my mission to keep backers happy and get them their games!
To think I actually played a session with Jason Anarchy himself of DQ Volume 1...

edit - did I mention it's funded and blowing away stretch goals with 24 days to go?

Friday, March 4, 2016

GM's Day Sale OSR Picks at RPGNow - 30% Off PDF Titles - Part 3

The more I look, the more I find.

Yep, RPGNow's GM's Day Sale is in full swing and The Tavern is picking out some of the OSR highlights. This is the third post in the series. Post One is here and Post 2 is here.

Goblinoid Games appears to have put it's entire catalogue on sale. That means titles such as Labyrinth Lord, Crypt World, Rot World, Starships & Spacemen, Realms of Crawling Chaos and others.

Kort'thalis Publishing has also put it's entire catalogue on sale. My picks would be Liberation of the Demon Slayer and Revelry in Torth.

Expeditious Retreat Press is another publisher that has put their entire catalogue on sale. Looking for OSR adventures? Look no further. ERP has you covered.

Kobold Press looks to have nearly it's entire line up on sale. Have holes in your Kobold's Guide to... series of releases? Now is the time to fill them.

How about +Kevin Crawford 's Sine Nomine Publishing collection? Yep, 30% off the lot of it. If you can get only one I suggest Red Tide: Campaign Sourcebook and Sandbox Toolkit

Purple Sorcerer Games has put 6 of it's 7 DCC RPG releases on sale. Sunken City Omnibus. Enough said.

GM's Day Sale OSR Picks at RPGNow - 30% Off PDF Titles - Part 2

Yep, more OSR picks for RPGNow's GM's Day Sale:

Sisters of the Aquarian Order for White Star (mystics) - Print & PDF is on sale for $5.99!

Pretty much all of Troll Lord Games releases are one sale.

Goodman Games / DCC RPG is also on sale.

The AD&D 1e MM and DMG are 30% off, but not the Player's Handbook. Go figure.

Castle of the Mad Archmage and Adventures Dark & Deep from BRW Games

Ghost Ship of the Desert Dunes, Beneath the Comet and Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess and the rest of the North Wind Adventures catalogue.

Warriors of the Red Planet (swords & planet sci-fan) and Colonial Troopers

GM's Day OSR Picks at RPGNow - 30% Off Titles - Part 1 (because I'm sure I missed many)

Yep, the GM's Day Sale is in full swing at RPGNow. There is a whole swath of RPGs on sale at 30% off, but what if you are looking for an OSR focus?

White Star has a bunch of selections. You have the White Star Core Book, The Graveyard at LusHave Death Ray, Will Travel, Between Star & Void and others.

Other White Box powered RPGs on sale include White Lies (spy thriller) and Skyscrapers & Sorcery (modern day magic).

Want OSR Supers? Guardians has you covered.

Enjoy +Dyson Logos ' maps? Pick up the 2015 Dodecahedron Cartographic Review

Somehow haven't yet grabbed Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea? Now is the time.

How about Adventures! for less than a buck?

Looking for a system neutral city setting? Check out Drakonheim: City of Bones

Sale prices are in effect until March 17.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tavern Chat Tonight - 930 PM Eastern - State of the Tavern Answers (if there are Questions)

Yesterday was a State of the Tavern post. There is much in the hopper, both near term and longer term.

I'll answer any related questions tonight as best I can. There will, of course, be the usual Tavern Chat banter in addition.

Lots of good stuff coming up at The Tavern in the near future ;)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

State of The Tavern - March 2016 - The Party Starts in 2 Weeks

If all goes as planned, St Patrick's Day (March 17th) will be my last working day before pre-seperation leave kicks in and official retirement rolls around this summer. So, what does that mean for The Tavern and it's loyal readers?

First things first, I've got a shitload of content that needs to be put in PDF and Print format for my Patreon Backers. It's long overdue, but no longer working overnights is going to be wonderful. Hoping to have PDFs start distribution by 3/24 and Print copies moving by 3/31.

StarSlinger posts have been quiet these past few week and I'll squarely blame it on work and illness. I've been drained. Goal is to have something ready for distribution by mid to late April. More content and more posts coming before that.

PubCon NYC 2016 should have more potential locations scouted by mid April. Small, informal with lots of beer is the goal. Mmmmmm.

Speaking about beer, I'd like to have Tenkar's Taproom, the blog about beer, microbrews and (hopefully) homebrewing back with a fresh post BEFORE St Patrick's Day. We shall see. (still need a custom blog banner)

As for Saturday Night Special, that should kick off again once I am officially retired in July. There are reasons for such a delay, not the least of which is that the posts takes days (sometimes weeks) to properly compose.

Oh, and of course, more posts here at The Tavern. More gaming content. More game reviews. Simple more... ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kickstarter - Godbound: A Game of Divine Heroes (Kevin Crawford)

When it comes to RPG Kickstarters, +Kevin Crawford is the Gold Standard. On time if not early, art from the project placed into the public domain, excellent products one and all. Yep, Kevin is "The Man".

Godbound is Kevin's latest Kickstarter. It's funding goal was $8k. That was surpassed in less than a day.

So, what is Godbound?
Godbound is a tabletop role-playing game of newborn divinities awakening to unimaginable power. These men and women find themselves bound to the Words of Creation, the primal powers of a fallen cosmos where the Throne of God stands empty.
The world is shattered, its scattered realms racked by the aftershocks of the Last War and the final terrible struggle of the Made Gods who strove to replace the vanished Creator. 
Some realms have been reduced to nothing more than blasted wastelands and silent bones, while others still endure in faded splendor and growing hardship. Their natural laws flicker, for the great engines of Heaven have begun to fail from lack of care. Their angelic guardians were long ago dispersed by the Made Gods and now nurse a bitter hatred of humanity's usurpation. 
There are heroes still, and shining cities, and peaceful villages where a son may grow old in his father's trade, but these things darken with each new year's passage. The world winds down by slow inches. Into this twilight age have come the Godbound. Some say that it is the decaying husks of the Made Gods that give them their power, gobbets of divinity falling like rot to congeal about the souls of humankind. Others believe that it is the work of the Creator, reaching out from Their silence to touch Their creations with new light. Most do pretend to know why it is that a common peasant girl should ignite with the sun's own brilliance, or a grizzled old soldier should suddenly find half an army falling before his notched blade. 
The Godbound bring hope and terror in equal measure. Even the freshly-awakened among them have incredible powers, able to hurl thunderbolts like lesser men throw stones, or spit curses that kill five generations of their enemy's kin. They are burnt to ashes, and rise anew. They are buried under hillsides, and shout the stones apart. They sing up gold from barren earth or pour out an autumn harvest from their saddlebags. They work miracles, and men tremble. 
Yet they are men and women, with the dreams that men and women dream. Some are saviors, determined to lift their people from their hardships and lead them to a better day. Others are mercenaries, lending their aid to whatever lord or sorcerer-prince can pay them in suitable coin. And some, of course, are blind fools who wield their powers with the recklessness of children, building their dreams on the bones of the poor mortals around them. There are few who can gainsay a Godbound's will. 
Even so, such terrible powers do exist. In the wilderness the wretched parasite gods swell on stolen celestial power, sucking the world's blood from its wounds. Grim eldritch adepts plumb nameless secrets and forge pacts with the monstrous Uncreated for power enough to tax even a divinity. Hulking Misbegotten shamble from the darkness and bring their numberless spawn behind them. These and other foes can force a Godbound to flee or perish if the newborn wielder of the Words hasn't the help of a faithful pantheon of allies. 
The heroes of Godbound are hurled into a world unprepared for their coming. They will shake the pillars of fallen Heaven and scar the thrones of the kings of earth. Some will seek adventure, others the pleasures of rule, and a few no more than the small and homely things that fate would conspire to deny them. Yet what they will find, in the end, only you can say.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Would You Back a Project Titled "Live Project Novel Vomit"?

Sometimes being known as someone with their fingers on the pulse of various Kickstarter projects is more bane than boon.

The Prefundia page is in pretty poor English, so if this is a sample of a future translation...

The Kickstarter itself is in German. No, I didn't bother to let Google translate it.

As an aside, I guess it would make a good title for a LotFP adventure...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kickstarter - 21 Steps To A Million! = Book + Real World Game (RWG). (no idea WTF it actually is)

I guess it got stuck on step 4.

There is a video. Please, drink heavily. Extra points if you make it to the end without falling asleep

and who really cares about his degrees?

I never would have guessed this was a First created, Zero backed project. Really...

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