Saturday, July 13, 2019

Troll Lord Games Sale - 40% Off PDFs - C&C, 5e, Victorious, and More

The Trolls have a sale going on right now at their DTRPG Webstore. 40% off almost all of their PDFs. Yes, that means Castles & Crusades, 5e, Victorious, Amazing Adventures and more.

Heck, Return to Blacktooth Ridge is 46 cents. Go figure. If I didn't already own it, I'd be buying it right now ;)

Here's the link to the Troll Lord Sale

Just over 4 days to go on this one.

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Far West Update - Gareth Will NO Longer be Posting Updates on the Kickstarter Itself

First things first. I had about a half dozen PMs, emails and the like pointing me to the latest update by Gareth Skarka about the Far West Kickstarter - it just wasn't on the Kickstarter page itself. Why would it be? Why would Gareth want to actually be respectful to the backers of his now seven and a half fucking years late Kickstarter?

Here's the latest (my comments are in orange):
I’ve been quiet recently, I know. (but not on Twitter! I kid! No, not really kidding)
First things first:  Far West is NOT dead. I only have one chapter remaining to assemble from the earlier drafts. (the same chapter I've been talking about since - forever) Things are moving slowly, and I figure that I owed you an explanation. (We've had plenty of excuses - I mean - "explanations over the last seven and a half years)
It’s no secret that among the many trials and tribulations that have plagued this project, my depression and anxiety have been at the forefront. I have been my own worst enemy. (there is no arguing with this)
Well, a few months ago, my family convinced me to finally seek treatment. 
So I’ve done that. 
The initial stages of the process, where, among other things, we were trying to zero in on the right combination of prescriptions and correct dosages, made it very difficult to get anything done. I just couldn’t focus on anything other than my mental health. (so, for the last couple of years, where you've produced work for the Star Trek RPG among other RPGs, occasionally under a psuedonym, none the less, your mental health issues only prevented work on Far West?)
Now that we are further along, and I’ve begun to feel the effects, I’m coming back into myself, in a way. And that includes finishing Far West. (I don't want to not believe you, reslly, but the outright lies over the past seven plus years...)
So that’s what I’m going to do. 
I appreciate the patience of so many people who have given far more than I could have ever asked. “Thank you” seems terribly inadequate, given the circumstances. 
As a final administrative note: All official updates will now appear on this website. We have a forum here where I can be reached for questions. The Kickstarter page will be used purely for delivery of texts, PDFs, etc. to backers. (that is NOT the way Kickstarters are updated, but I know, you want to control the narative and censor the dissenting voices)
Now, the home stretch. Talk to you soon.

Here's what Kickstarter says about updates:

Edit - How dead is Garth's website, that has been around for 8 years or so?

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Map - Work in Progress - Level One of The Demonic Dungeon of the Bone Dreamer

Yeah, I know I keep swapping out the maps, but when you can do your own it's just a tad better. I'm doing my own now thanks to DungeonFog, an online mapping app.

Its a work in progress, as the rooms arent yet numbered (I'll save it as a second map for that - so, players and GM maps for VTT use)

Stairs down are in the upper left, behind a secret door.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Reminder - Tavern Chat Tonight - 9 PM Eastern

Yep, today is a Wednesday, and that means tonight at 9 pm eastern is the weekly Tavern Chat.

Join your hosts, Glen Halstrom and myself, Erik Tenkar as we open the doors to The Tavern's community.


The Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server



Kickstarter - Off the Beaten Path, City Excursions (System Neutral and S&W)

"A minimum 26-page book, filled with one- to two-page adventures usable by any system. Based on the Patreon project by Nomad Gaming."

The "Excursions" series of projects by Thom Wilson are some of the most useful campaign supplements for fantasy gaming one is going to find. A number of short yet expandable adventures in each release, perfect for throwing at your party when you, as the DM, aren't as prepared as you had hoped to be. Off the Beaten Path, City Excursions is the latest in the series.
A  minimum of twenty single- or double-page city excursions to use  as side quests or stand-alone adventures for your Fantasy RPG. There  are over twenty-five pages of encounters to be found within cities and towns. As your players' characters travel through large settlements, they will come across gangs, sewer creatures, evil warlords, basement baddies, and more! These adventures are a great way to  add additional encounters during travel or to handle an unexpected change in direction! 
Two Options: designed as System Neutral or specifically for Swords & Wizardry.  
I have the three prior releases in the series: (Off the Beaten Path, Forest Excursions; Off the Beaten Path, Desert Excursions; Off the Beaten Path, Mountain Excursions). They are my goto books when I am less prepared than I planned to be, which is fairly often ;)

Six bucks for the PDF in either System Neutral or Swords & Wizardry, Ten for both PDFs or ten for POD coupon. 14 for POD coupon plus digital.

I'm in at 14 for the Swords & Wizardry POD plus digital :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Playing With DungeonFog (Online Mapper)

I did the above with Dungeon Fog (current ENnie nominee) in about 15 minutes during a break last night in Tim Short's Roll20 game. It was more about seeing what I could do with the app than making an actual, viable dungeon.

Suffice to say, I like it :)

It's free to play with and you can have three maps saved at the price of free. Additional art resources and unlimited maps are 5 bucks a month. A commercial license where you can use these maps commercially is 100 bucks a year. Guess what level I'm at?

I expect a return of Free Map Mondays is in the wings ;)

Monday, July 8, 2019

OSR Sale - 50% off Castle Oldskull line of Releases (Kent David Kelly)

I never realized quite simply how many releases there were on the Castle Oldskull imprint until today. Damn impressive. The early history of Dungeons & Dragons? Covered. Charts and tables for your old school game? They are there. Advice and more on adventure design? Enough to keep your campaigns going for generations.

Castle Oldskull is possibly the most prolific and complete series of Old School support material available and its 50% off for the next 5 days. 48 releases in all.

Looks like I've picked up much of this line over the years. Why am I not surprised? heh

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Sunday, July 7, 2019

There's a New Tunnels & Trolls Community on Facebook

I've been a huge Tunnels & Trolls fan for years. I even own Ken St Andre's signed, personal play copy of T&T 2nd edition (Ken's signed, personal play copy of T&T 1st edition is in the possession of Bill Meinhardt. Yes, Bill does have the most complete RPG collection of anyone in the world, alive or dead.) I have all of the original solo adventures, some signed first prints. Yeah, I'm one of those ;)

Anyhow, last week the largest Tunnels & Trolls community on Facebook went dark. No, I don't know the drama behind it shutting down unexpectedly, but it left a community without a home.

There is something to be said with publishers and creators being the ones that admin the various communities that showcase their work. It protects against instances like this.

There is a new community for the Tunnels & Trolls Community to call home and Steve Crompton, Art Director for Flying Buffalo, is a moderator and a very active recruiter.
We discuss Tunnels and Trolls and related games here as a group of friends. All T&T and related systems are welcome, as are any other games by T&T's designers. This is an unofficial group. (emphasis mine)
I'm hanging around a bit with other T&T fans. Come join us :)
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