Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Time to Give Away Stuff - The Tavern Has Hit 60 Followers!

Thanks to MelondraBee the Tavern has received it's 60th follower.  Which means I get to give away some free swag! 

Lets see, time to break out the dice!

d3 and a d20 = d60  :)

Rolled a 48 and a 18.

Psikonetic gets a PDF copy of Fantasycraft

kalpesh sorthiya gets a PDF copy of SplicerRPG

Games provided by OneBookshelf / RPGNow / DrivethruRPG

The winners can email me at tenkarstavernATgmailDOTcom and I'll send you the code to redeem your prize.  Congrats to both!

(get in touch by next Saturday, October 8th, or the prize will be passed on to someone else)

Tunnels & Trolls - What's in My Bag?

My package arrived from FlyingBuffalo yesterday.  I was a little disappointed at the size, as I had the mental image of 5 books and the 2007 Free RPG Day adventure taking up far more shipping space then they actually did.  I was fine after I popped the sucker open tho: 4 Corgi double adventure books and the City of Terror (and the above mentioned 2007 Free RPG day adventure).

I think I'll be working on getting a complete set of T&T adventures, theres is something fun about rolling dice and progressing your chartacter, even if it is solo.  The included abreviated rules include spell lists thru 9th level, so you really could play these without even referring to the T&T rulebook.  I'll be surfing the net looking for a write-up that details all the changes between editions, although it appears everything is backwards compatible for the most part.

As a side note, the Corgi books were printed back in 1986, so they are classics already ;)

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Friday, October 1, 2010

To Review, or Not Review... That is the Question

I haven't been keeping up with my usual reviews.

Part of the reason has been a shortage of actual releases that I have an interest in. If there is no chance i'd ever use the piece, why waste my time and that of the publisher. I do have one or two reviews that I might get to this weekend. Time will tell.

The rest of the reason? I'm simply having way too much fun going thru my classic ebay purchases. When I get my package from Flying Buffalo full of Tunnels & Trolls goodness, watch out world! Heh

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Picking Thru the OCE (D&D 6th Printing) Box

I have been trying to pick a copy of the OCE (Original Collector's Edition) of Dungeons & Dragons for a while, but the prices were out of whack compared to what I could pay at Troll & Toad (or is it Toad & Troll).  In any case, I got my copy today, and I'm very happy with it.  The box is VG/FN but the books are all VF to NM.  What better way to end a month then by starting to read thru the original D&D rules.

I can already see that I'm glad I have a copy of Chainmail on the way, as there are many references to the rules that started it all.  Maybe Chainmail has a reference to the size die one rolls to determine HP.  From the example shown, the range rolled falls from 1 to 6, so a safe assumption could be made that 6 sided dice are rolled, but I have yet to see it spelled out.

Advancing beyond name level is explained, with the painful exception of experience points required beyond name level. 

The AC charts cover from 2 (plate and shield) thru 9 (no armor).  If magic brings the AC below 2 one can extrapolate easy enough, but it is a bit of an omission (at least in retrospect).  Hmm, or magic doesn't change the AC, just the base scores to hit, but that's the same thing but more complicated.

Saving Throws:  Everyone advancedon the same table, just at different rates.  Just like the Combat Charts.  But then shouldn't the charts have been set up in the same fashion?  Levels from top to bottom and save type from left to right would have worked just as well for the Combat Charts as they did for Saving Throws.  I know, Monday Morning Quarterbacking and all that jazz ;)

More reading ahead for me.  Later

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Progress Isnt Always Progress

It's pretty much the crux of the whole OSR argument. Has progress in the "science" of gaming really been progress, or is it just change. If it isn't broke, why fix it?

I'm feeling that way at work today. I'm in training for a computer system /software that will bring my job into the 21st century. As that century started 10 years ago, it's actually fairly quick for my job.

Only problem? The software is an outsourced buggy mess of poo. I can see what they want to do, and it might be great in the end, but the transition will be painful, buggy and flawed. Kinda like changing to a new edition of D&D ;)

Got my White Box today. I'll post a bit about it tonight.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

B2 - You Sunk My BorderKeep!

I just received my TSR Silver Anniversary Boxed Collector's set from Ebay - still sealed in the original wrap.  Of course, the first thing I did was rip the sucker open! heh.

B2 is the first reprint I've looked at so far.  (My original copy of B2 is packed away "somewhere").  Damn but they packed a lot into a 28 page module back then.

I like the nice touch of including a 2 sided D&D reference sheet with perforations for "easy removal".  It always good to have a cheat sheet, especially for new gamers.  Lets see, the sheet has:

-Magic-User spell lists thru Third Level spells,
-Cleric spell lists for First and Second Level spells
(These lists are name only - no data, but its a cheat sheet, so that's fine)
-Saving Throw Table
-Equipment and Weapon Listing with prices
-Wandering Monster Tables for dungeon levels 1 to 3
-Cleric Turning Table thru level 3
-Die Roll For Character to Score a Hit, By  Opponent's Armor Class (To Hit Table) for Normal Man and Characters of 1-3
-To Hit Tables for Monsters thru 11 HD+

That's a friggin' nice cheat sheet.  A decent DM could run an adventure with just that sheet for reference.  Very well done.

Okay - Time to read some more.  Can't wait for my White Box to arrive.  Amazing what a little cash overtime can do.  (Besides, I need to "Grandfather" some purchases before the young lady receives full veto power ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Going Fourth With Holmes

Let's hit page 22 again.
As a guideline, it should take a group of players 6 to 12 adventures before any of their characters are able to gain sufficient experience to attain second level.  This guideline will hold true for successive levels.  So, 12 to 24 adventures (not sessions) before one will need to move on to AD&D?  Bad marketing move EGG.  Assimilate faster, just like the Borg. 
Bandit entry.  Every 30 bandits means a 4th level fighting man, every 50 a 5th or 6th, and every 200 a chance of a magic-user of 10th or 11th level.  At 300+ definitely a magic-user and a chance for a cleric.  No idea what level the cleric might be, but as the rules only cover up to third level, its kinda moot in all these cases.

Rust monster - destroys all armor and weapons, even magic ones, to rust instantly.  Wether you hit it, or it hits you.  Appears there is no save.  Does your metal armor's AC help protect you from the attack (it shouldn't)?

Damn, 1 in 10 magic swords are +3, just as likely as a +1 sword.  1 in 5 swords are cursed. Ouch!

Page 41 for this quote:

The game is intended to be fun and the rules modified if the players desire.  Time to homebrew and houserule!

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New Header, Same Great Taste

Greg, of the Synapse Design blog, just sent me the file for the great header you see above.  Took me all of 2 seconds to decide to use it after seeing it.

Thanks lad, you can drink for free.  Domestic only tho.  ;)

Sneaking up on 60 Tavern Patrons

Currently the Tavern has 57 Patrons / Customers / Google Connect Followers. When we hit 60 I have 2 PDFs to give away courtesy of RPGNow, so if you are a regular reader and aren't yet a Google Connect Follower, sign up and follow. At 60 2 random followers will get a PDF each.

Not sure which ones they are, so I'll add that info when I get home later. Still, a chance for free swag for reading what you read anyhow can't be bad ;)

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Third Peek at Holmes

I've gotten some excellent feedback and info on my previous two posts. I can't thank everyone enough.

Today I'm going to quote from the Preface.  Yes, I'm going to pick and choose certain pieces. 

This book is based upon the original work published in 1974 and three supplementary booklets published in the two year period after the initial release of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS.  It is aimed solely at introducing the reader to the concepts of fantasy roleplaying and the basic play of this game.  To this end it limits itself to basics.  - I still don't see Storm Giants as "basic" but I digress ;)

This (the minimum necessary rules to conduct basic games) is absolutely necessary because the game is completely open ended, is subject to modification, expansion and interpretation according to the desires of the group participating, and is generally not bound by the conventional limitations of other types of games. - True words of wisdom buried in there

Players who desire to go beyond the basic game are directed to the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS books. - Wait, didn't the preface say something that this written to simplify D&D play?

Yes, I know TSR was a bit dysfunctional in it intentions for D&D and AD&D.  I do find it interesting that AD&D was found worthy enough to be BOLDED.

I'm very glad they mention that monsters use 8-sided HD.  When I started playing with just the AD&D PH and DMG, i thought HD was somehow HP.  Monsters were pushovers until we got a copy of the Monster Manual :)

Page 22 talks about scaling down high monsters to give a low level party a chance to defeat it.  Okay, I'll accept the Giants into the rotation now.

I just received the Moldavey Basic Set via Ebay.  I'll give that a few thoughts when I finish with Holmes.  Trust me, I still have some more thoughts on Holmes - I just need to gather them.  Hey, doing pretty well staying on target.  Heh

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Second Look at Holmes

This is going to be a piecemeal series, as I'm just posting crap as it occurs to me. Kinda like GADD blogging ;)

I can almost understand why Dragons are included in the monster section, as everyone loves to beat up on a "young" dragon and taking it's stuff. Besides, the name of the game is Dungeons & Dragons. But why the hell are Giants included? From Hill at 8 HD thru Storm at 15 HD, I can't see how a party could hope to defeat them. Besides, this is "Basic" D&D - killer DMs should be in the Expert Set, or the Advanced rules ;)

If they knew you were to "graduate" to AD&D after third level, might it have been easier to keep the class' HD in line with the new game? Oh, and perhaps stat bonuses too?

There are 4 references to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in the first 7 pages... perhaps they could have lined the systems up a bit closer for compatibility? I mean, this was meant to lead one to AD&D.

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My First Look at Holmes

I just received a near mint Holmes Basic Rule Book. Never actually read one previously.

Some quick thoughts as I am away from my computer:

Why be a Fighting Man in the Holmes rules? A cleric with 15 con has the same HP, same armor, same thaco.

What ever happened to the promised Witch class for AD&D?

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