Saturday, April 4, 2020

Free - The RuneQuest Coloring Book

As 90% of the US (and much of the rest of the world) is currently under some form of "stay at home" orders and many schools are closed, there is now a need to occupy children and our selves. The RuneQuest Coloring Book is one such time sink, and it's free. Print out the pages as you need them or you will waste paper with every other page ;)

Be safe.

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Indiegogo - The Book of Taverns: Volume One

Would you suspect that I have a soft spot for Taverns? I may need to get in on one of the later volumes ;)

System Neutral. $6 in PDF, $17 (plus shipping) for the Print plus PDF.
Book of Taverns One: The Trireme and Vain Robert's Gibbet 
Your heroes are going to be stopping at a tavern sometime, right? All adventurers need a drink some time, and with this book it's not hard to turn a pint of the local ale into a memorable gaming experience! Book of Taverns One  gives you a choice of two exciting places to stay the night, find adventure, and (let's face it) probably burn the place down. That's why we include two of them - one's a burn-down, and the other one is for hiding from the city watch. Both of these taverns offer NPCs for the characters to interact with (or slay), a diverting history, and convenient descriptions, as well as adventure hooks that will be so irresistible to the greedy characters that the clerics and paladins will have no choice in the matter.

The Trireme (11 pages, color cover, color interior) by Chris Jones presents a quiet tavern just outside of town, dedicated to philosophical debates, epicurean delights, and a private drinking room. Local philosophers are welcomed here as long as they can pay their tab, and visitors to the tavern can expect to be embroiled in some lively debate as to the nature of the world and the soul. Try the pecan cakes, but save some money for the extensive wine list. Or burn the place down - it's always an option.

Vain Robert's Gibbet (11 pages, color cover, color interior) by Chris Jones is a scurvy dive bar on the docks. Those passing by usually speed their steps, for only the lowest class of sailors stop in for a drink here. The tavern keeper doesn't mind at all, since Vain Robert's Gibbet is only the front for a coven of elite seafarers who battle a growing evil out in the depths of the sea. Note: this one would be more dangerous to burn down.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Humble Bundle - 3d Printable Dungeons & Dragon Lairs Terrain Bundle

Stuck at home for weeks if not months on end? Check!

Looking for an excuse to buy a 3d printer? Check!

433 bucks worth of 3d terrain for 15 bucks? Check!

Damn it Amazon! Where's my Same Day Shipping?

3d Printable Dungeons & Dragon Lairs Terrain Bundle

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Free - Castles & Crusades Player’s Handbook PDF

Troll Lord Games is offering the Castles & Crusades Player’s Handbook for FREE.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and we'll be through it sooner than you think, of that there is little doubt. In the meantime, we must all do our part and stay out of the public sphere. To help you through this, for a limited time you can download the Castles & Crusades Players Handbook for free. It's everything you need to run and play a game of Castles & Crusades. Also, enjoy A Houseless God and Other Tales, four short stories of Eurich Gunshoff and Ava, a ranger of some renown.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Osprey Publishing - Free eBooks = Week 2

Link to free eBooks:  https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/Free_eBooks_week_2/

Many people all over the world are staying at home to combat the spread of COVID-19. While self-isolation might be a bit daunting, it’s also a great opportunity to catch up on your reading. To help pass the time, we are giving customers five free eBooks each week for four weeks. Read through this week's options, add the eBook to your basket and use the code FREEBOOKS2 at checkout to get your free eBooks. 

AVG 6: Hawker Hurricane Mk I–V by Martyn Chorlton
Illustrated by Adam Tooby, Simon Smith

Hawker Hurricane Mk I–V
At the outbreak of World War II, only 111 Squadron and a handful of others were equipped with the Hurricane. Thanks to sudden massive orders and a well-organized Hawker sub-contracting production to Gloster and General Aircraft, more squadrons rapidly became operational. Cutting their teeth during the Battle of France, it was during the Battle of Britain that the type excelled and came to form the backbone of Fighter Command. While the Hurricane was steadily overtaken by the Spitfire in the fighter defence role, it remained the fighter of choice in North Africa and the Far East. Despite a large number being shot down in these far-flung conflicts, many received hasty repairs and returned to the fray while more fragile designs were permanently grounded. The Hurricane may not have been the prettiest or, the best-performing aircraft but, as Francis Mason stated: ‘The Royal Air Force was glad to get the Spitfire…it had to have the Hurricane!'

CAM 276: Waterloo 1815 (1) by John Franklin
Illustrated by Gerry Embleton

Waterloo 1815 (1) Cover
To commemorate the 2015 bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, one of the defining campaigns in European History, Osprey replaced its single volume Campaign title covering the whole of the battle with three highly detailed volumes. Based on new research drawn from unpublished first-hand accounts these volumes will provide a comprehensive resource for every aspect of the battle. The first of this trilogy details the battle of Quatre Bras where an initial 8,000 Allied troops faced 48,000 men of the French Armée du Nord under Marshal Ney. Realising his error, Wellington concentrated his troops at the strategic crossroads of Quatre Bras where they just managed to hold off Ney's attacks. The battle ended in a tactical stalemate but, unable to link up with Blücher's Prussians, Wellington retreated back along the road to Brussels to new positions at Waterloo. Featuring extensive photographs, full colour artworks, maps and bird's-eye-views, this first instalment is not to be missed.

MAA 447: The Czech Legion 1914–20 by David Bullock
Illustrated by Ramiro Bujeiro

The Czech Legion 1914–20
The Czech Legion was not just a single military unit, but a volunteer army that fielded up to 100,000 troops on the Allied side on all three main fronts of the war. Since only the defeat of Austro-Hungary and Germany offered any hope for Czech national independence, they were amongst the most motivated and steadfast of the Allied forces. After the Bolshevik Revolution, they fought their way across Russia, captured the Russian national gold reserves and used this as a bargaining chip to force the Bolsheviks to allow them to return home. Today the Legion is recognized as the founding fathers of Czech nationhood. This very colourful force of World War I has never before been detailed in English and is illustrated with an astonishing array of never-before-published photographs.

NVG 214: US Heavy Cruisers 1943–75 by Mark Stile
Illustrated by Paul Wright

US Heavy Cruisers 1943–75 Cover
This title follows on from a companion book covering the US heavy cruisers that were built prior to the war, together forming the definitive guide to the US's heavy cruiser classes. Versatile warships, the heavy cruisers of the Baltimore class, and their successors in the Oregon City and Des Moines classes, commonly acted as carrier escorts throughout World War II, but also performed bombardment duties in support of amphibious landings. Post-World War II, the heavy cruisers continued to see service, chiefly in Korea and Vietnam. Even after the heyday of the heavy cruiser had passed, the ships continued to serve - several were converted into the earliest examples of guided missile cruisers, and created an enduring legacy in the US Navy. From an established expert on the US and Pacific naval history, this is an invaluable resource richly illustrated with artwork and photographs.

WAR 7: Samurai 1550–1600 by Anthony J Bryant
Illustrated by Angus McBride

Samurai 1550–1600 Cover
This title details the culture, weapons, armour and training of the elite samurai warrior class in the fascinating Age of Battles period (1550-1600). This was a period of vital importance not only because of the political effects of the chaos but also due to the changes in warfare that occurred. In 1542 the Portuguese introduced the matchlock musket into Japanese warfare, and this book traces the effect that this important innovation had on the samurai. Life outside the field of battle is also examined, making this an unmissable book for those interested in this brave warrior caste.

Hat tip to Thad.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Death Notice - Brian Blume (TSR)

From Wikipedia:

Brian John Blume (January 12, 1950 - March 27, 2020)[1] was a game designer and writer, principally known as a former business partner of Gary Gygax at TSR, Inc., producers of the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons.

Blume met Gary Gygax at the Gen Con game convention in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Gygax and his friend Don Kaye had recently formed Tactical Studies Rules in Lake Geneva in order to publish a new type of game that Gygax and Dave Arneson had developed, Dungeons & Dragons. Gygax and Kaye had each invested $1,000 into the venture, but still did not have enough money to print the game. In December 1973, Blume offered to become an equal partner in the company for an investment of $2,000.[4]:78 Using Blume's money, the three partners printed a thousand copies of the new game and sold their first copy in January 1974. Blume and Gygax also coauthored the Warriors of Mars miniatures wargame adaptation. Before the end of 1974, the first printing of D&D had sold out, and demand for the game was skyrocketing.

As various new rules and products for D&D were created, Blume provided material for The Rogues Gallery,[9] and co-authored the Dungeons & Dragons supplement Eldritch Wizardry with Gygax in 1976,[10] naming the character Vecna as an anagram of Jack Vance. Blume and Gygax also co-authored the Boot Hill role-playing game as a tribute to Don Kaye, who had been a fan of Westerns.[11][12] Blume also authored the Panzer Warfare miniatures wargame in 1975.

Blume died on March 27, 2020, at the Lakeland Nursing Home in Elkhorn, Wisconsin from Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson's disease

Monday, March 30, 2020

Deal of the Day - City of Brass (5e)

City of Brass is one of the best-looking releases from Frog God Games. I think it does an amazing job of showcasing their new stable of artists as well as presenting an entertaining adventures / setting. The City of Brass PDF is normally 50 bucks - yes, not cheap - but as the Deal of the Day, it is on sale for $15.

If you want City of Brass in Print PLUS PDF (or for Swords & Wizardry), it's normally 100, but you can snag it for half off if you go to yesterday's Tavern post ;)
Good folk have vanished. Those who were once disparaged and forgotten now wield power unlike anything seen before. Rulers and sages turn a blind eye to the disturbing events unfolding around them. In every corner of the Lost Lands, the Cult of the Veiled One spreads unchecked. 
Prophesizing a cleansing jihad of flames and the coming of the Burning One, the cult has erected its brazen spires in every land. What follows depends on the wit and courage of mighty heroes who must rise to the occasion and take the fight to the enemy in its very stronghold. Will they succeed, or will they succumb to the temptations of the Veiled One’s court and join in the conquest of their home world? A fabled city of wishes on the edge of an eternal flame. The City of Brass is a rich combination of sand-box style role playing adventure, planar exploration, and twisted dungeons designed to test even the most seasoned adventurers. 
Adventure Begins Across Planes of Fire and Deceit 
Beginning with low-level challenges in the familiar confines of the Lost Lands, the adventure leads characters on a thrilling journey through multiple planes of existence culminating in the exploration of the City of Brass itself. The gleaming towers and floating platforms of the city hold terrors and wonders such as the Great Repository and the Minaret of Screams. Characters may choose to take a turn in the Circus of Pain, raid the floating Pyramid of Set, or join the resistance to the Sultan’s oppressive rule and lead an assault on the palace itself! A phoenix rises fully formed from the ashes of the past. The City of Brass is re-imagined for the new renaissance of fantasy role playing games, brought to you in the epic style of old school fantasy campaigns of yesteryear. 
About City of Brass 
From the design team that brought you Bard's Gate and Sword of Air, the City of Brass is an adventure unlike any other. With full color art and maps, new content and new organization, the City of Brass returns bigger and better than ever! An Adventure Sourcebook for characters level 1-20. New versions for Fifth Edition of the world’s most popular role-playing game. 
So what’s new in this release compared to the original Necromancer Games Boxed Set? 
This new release of The City of Brass includes all new color maps by Alyssa Faden and Robert Altbauer. Plus amazing new color art by Colin Chan, Adrian Landeros, Terry Pavlet, Michael Syrigos, C. J. Allan Marsh, and Artem Shukaev. 
The original City of Brass was divided into 3 sections and has been revised and reorganized throughout with 150,000 new words of adventures and material. 
Section 1: Cult of the Burning One - Now includes the following adventures
  • Lornedain the Secret Flame: An introductory adventure for characters Levels 1-3.
  • Freegate: the Brazen Spire (For Levels 4-6), giving new details to the Lost Lands city of Freegate as the characters investigate the arrival of a new cult and its magical tower.
  • The Sea of Baal: (For levels 5-8). Adventures in the Titian Isles, the Elemental Plane of Air and Beyond as they travel across the Sea of Baal to the continent of Lybinos!
  • Numeda a Caliphate in Flames: (For levels 6-9). Arriving in Lybinos the characters discover that the city of Cirtius in the Caliphate of Numeda is over-run by the forces of the Sultan of Efreet. Help free the survivors or join the Sultan in his conquest of the Lost Lands!
  • The Path of the Prophet: (For Levels 8-10). Rewritten from the original with new content.
Section 2: The City of Brass is now newly organized with details on factions, new locations in the Plane of Molten Skies. 
Section 3: Tales of Brass features new adventure locations including:
  • Ard’s Sanctuary: An adventure location for 11-14th level characters.
  • Freeman’s Tower: An ultra-dimensional apartment complex and home base located in the lower city. Conquer the tower and live rent free under the Sultan’s nose! For 11th-14th level characters.
  • The Apartment of Ra Po Jejh!: An old enemy makes a surprise return. Find his phylactery and finish him off once and for all! For 16th-18th level characters!
  • Cathedral of the Lightbringer: The cathedral of the Lord of Infurnace’s minions serving as his consulate in the City of Brass. Steal the Sword of the Lightbringer if you Dare!
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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Frog God Games - 50% Off Print plus PDF

I think I already own it all ;)
Frog God Games is running a 50% off sale, store-wide, until the end of April. We have a warehouse - feel free to empty it. Use coupon code specialgarycon50

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