Saturday, February 3, 2018

Dungeons, Dragons and the One Day Trial

As I mentioned on Thursday, I had jury duty this week. Thursday I got picked for a Civil Trial Jury, despite being a retired cop and listing under hobbies: write role-playing games. Go figure.

In any case, we were sworn in on Thursday for a trial that was to start (and possibly conclude) on Friday. Friday morning came and we got off to a late start. We reported at 930 and didn't get called into the courtroom until 1030. Then we couldn't start because the lawyers needed water. Then a bigger oops - both the complainant and the defendant were Bangladeshi and the court translator was late. For a summary trial, one that is supposed to be expedited, we were not off to a great start.

Opening statements. Complainant's initial doctor for the injuries from the accident is no longer licensed to practice medicine. The surgeon has his license suspended. And this is from the complainant's lawyer. Defense attorney's first name is Lord Chester. I kid you not. I was already thinking that I need to use that name in an adventure.

Both the complainant and the defendant make for horrible witnesses. Due to the language barrier, it was apparent that neither was prepped by their law firms for trial.

Who referred you to your doctor? A friend. What's your doctor' name? I don't know, its in the paperwork. Didn't you see the same doctor for two prior accidents? I don't know. Isn't your testimony different now than in 2015? My eyes are better now. I see better, clearer. My eyes are in my mind...

The defendant wasn't much better, only coming out of her shell to explain how she inched her car up at the intersection only 5 or 6 inches at a time.

I told my fellow jurors we had two bags of shit.

Before we knew it, it was shortly after 4 pm, we had two huge packets of evidence, and only 20 minutes to reach a verdict before being sent home for the weekend and returning Monday.

We returned to the Jury Room and start discussing. He's full of shit, she's full of shit. We have a packet of questions to answer and no ones taken a look at them. I grab them, as reading and understanding rules is the specialty of gamers.

"There's no way in hell I'm giving this guy a cent, he's full of shit!"

"How about we look at the questions given to us? Depending on how we answer the questions, we may not need to answer later ones."


"Questions are answered in order, and then we can see where we are at. Times a ticking, and I'd like to not be here on Monday, agreed?" Heads nod.

"Alright, question one. Do we find the defendant to have been negligent in her actions?"

"He hit her, he's at fault!"

"Not the question. She had the stop sign. The complainant didn't. As the law was explained to us by the judge, she had the responsibility to ensure she entered the intersection safely. We need to answer the questions as we were instructed to." I wanted to add "no houserules, we're going By The Book" but they wouldn't have understood the reference.

"Alright, listen, question 2 is: Was the defendant's negligence a significant contributing factor in the incident? I'd say no."

"What does that mean?"

"It means she was negligent but he was much more so. It means we answer no further questions. Nothing about awarding damages. I feel the plaintiff was lying throughout most of his testimony, so I will take the defendant's word on what happened. Besides, looking at the accident report, he never even attempted to avoid the collision."

"We're done?"

"So long as you all signed off on the 2 questions: Yes to the first one and No to the second one." And then we were.

In the end, game training kicked in. Read the rules. Follow the rules. Given a puzzle, take it step by step. Don't let the rules play you but make the rules work for you. Well, that and we apparently needed a caller, so I stepped in ;)

Six years before I'm called again...

Kickstarter -The Exfiltrators (an RPG adventure module OSR)

I'm a big fan of adventure modules. I rarely run any by the book, but either with tweaks (or as a source to mine for encounters and ideas) they are part of my DM'ing bag of tricks.

I'm not a huge follower of individual authors, not because I'm not a fan of individual authors but because I am, quite simply, horrible with names. So I'm pretty impressed with myself. When I saw Lance Hawvermale's name attached to The Exfiltrators Kickstarter, it took me but a minute to remember where I saw the name prior: Necromancer Games' Bone Garden (among other releases, but that is the one that struck me in the head)

What I like about The Exfiltrators is that it is essentially done:
The writing, interior art, and layout are 100% complete. All that remains is to add the maps to the back of the book, commission the cover art, and package the book as a print-ready PDF.
Want confidence that a project will complete and release? The above is just that.

So, what is the adventure itself about?
The Exfiltrators is a 36-page prison-break scenario in which the player characters enter an infamous tower of incarceration (either as unwilling inmates or as willing spies) and extract an innocent prisoner.  But just who is innocent and who is guilty?  Inside Velgate prison, no one can be sure. 
  • The narrative is non-linear; the PCs have complete freedom in the direction of their investigation.
  • The plot contains puzzles to solve and NPCs to be persuaded, in addition to the usual challenges of sinew and might.
  • At the gamemaster's option, the story can extend into the Outer Planes and transport the PCs to an off-world adventure.
The Exfiltrators is an adventure module for experienced gamemasters.
A thinking player's (and GM's) adventure. I'm looking forward to this.

The PDF is 7 bucks. Print is 19 for the US / UK, 21 elsewhere in the world. That includes shipping.

Very reasonable prices.

Oh, sample of the Stat Block:

Friday, February 2, 2018

New Release - Non-Human Player Codex for Swords & Wizardry Light

I meant to mention this release earlier, but the week has been a busy one. But now that I'm home from Jury Duty (The Six Angels of Justice rendered their verdict at 445 PM ;) its time to play catch up.

The Non-Human Player Codex for Swords & Wizardry Light is quite simply a home run. Priced at PWYW, it gives some additional options and depth to the 3 core non-human classes for Swords & Wizardry Light and Swords & Wizardry Continual Light. Use it to make each character unique OR to make unique sub-races - it works well either way. At PWYW pricing there is no reason not to pick this gem up.
Up your non-human game for Swords & Wizardry Light and Swords & Wizardry Continual Light with this handy reference guide and collection of new house rules!  Enjoy the same popular trait tables found in its predecessor, Non-Human Player Codex for Swords & Wizardry Complete, recalibrated and rewritten for Light and Continual Light.  Includes the following: 
Abilities/Class reference for core SWL and SWCL non-humans (Dwarf, Elf, Halfling).
Trait tables to add nuance and distinctiveness to your non-human characters.
All in a convenient, concise, and easily-printed reference.  
Dare to be different with your demi-human PCs, while keeping the rules light!
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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dungeons, Dragons & the Jury Pool

I reported to Jury Duty today. I was on standby all week and Wednesday Night my number came up. It wasn't unexpected, I saw how close we were getting and the odds of escaping my civic duty wasn't good.

I reported to the Civil Court House. Myself and about 100 other mostly disgruntled New Yorkers.

First panel was pulled at nearly 11 AM. I escaped. Second panel about 20 minutes later. Dodged that one too, but now the pool was smaller. We're all gamers, we do odds for stuff like this in our heads. Would we make it to 1 PM lunch?

Just before Noon, another group of Jurors are called. I'm it. Save failed. One of twenty, marched off to our doom.

There are two lawyers in the room waiting for us. We get handed questionnaires to fill out. Occupation? Retired. Know anyone currently or formerly employed in law enforcement, including yourself? Affirmative. Hobbies: Write Role-playing Games. If that ain't a dodge, I don't know what is.

Seven names are called. I'm in seat number four. The first lawyer starts giving some background, the second demands a conference outside. A minute later, they are back.

We are told its a "Summary Trial". Should be over in a day, two at most. Now I want in. THIS is a winner, and much better than sitting around a courthouse for a week or two on some never ending trial when I could be doing something fun - like writing role-playing games.

The first lawyer starts talking. The second gets agitated. They leave the room, this time for ten minutes. I picture in my head the two fighting like gladiators to decide who is the dominant lawyer. Then I remember they are lawyers. Picture gone, filled with lots of "Objection!" and "Overruled!"

After we are sent to lunch, the questions begin. I'm the fourth seat, so I get to see where the questions are going, or so I thought.

"Mr Tenkar, it says here you are retired? What job did you have before retirement?"

"NYPD Sergeant"

"Color me surprised! I never would have guessed." He smiled. I guess we do have a certain look after 20 years.

"So, during those 20 years as a police officer, you must have prepared hundreds if not thousands of reports, is that not true?"

"Perhaps, but I'm a bit distanced from those reports. I spent my last 12 years off patrol."

"What was your last assignment Mr Tenkar?"

"Internal Affairs."

"Hmmm. So, what do you do now that you are retired?"

"I write role-playing games." Quizzical stare. "Er, Dungeons & Dragons."

"There's money in that?"

"Not a lot. But I do get sent to a couple of conventions every year on the company dime and it keeps me busy in beer money." There's some laughter in the Jury Panel. I went too far, damn it!

"When I retire, that's the kind of retirement I want."

He then went on to question the next potential juror.

Ten minutes later, I was on the jury. Wonder if I should break out SWCL in the Jury Room tomorrow ;)

The Return of Minsc and Boo - in comic format at least...

Looks like Minsc and Boo are returning. No, not in computer games but comic book form. Baldur's Gate will feature in the new Dungeons & Dragons comic book series from IDW.
Each issue in the series focuses on an individual hero from Baldur’s Gate, including fan favorites Minsc and his miniature giant space hamster Boo. Krydle and Shandie, Delina, and Nerys Kathon will also see the spotlight.
You can read more about it at ICv2

As for me, I head out to Day One of Jury Duty shortly...

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Reminder - Tavern Chat Tonight - 9PM Eastern

Its amazing how fast Wednesday Nights roll around.

Well, tonight is a Wednesday Night, and that means Tavern Chat at 9 PM Eastern over on The Tavern's Discord Server.


Use this link:


Topics of discussion?

Logos on the DM's Guild and how much I dread Jury Duty. Yep, I report 9 A< tomorrow. Sigh ;)

Dungeon Master's Guild Terms of Service Updated - No Third Party Logos on Cover for You!

There are many logos belonging to third party publishers of DM's Guild products but only THIS can be on the product's cover as a logo. Branding for third parties? The horror!
Depending on what you read over on ENWorld, this is either an update to or a restatement of prior terms of service for the DM's Guild. Apparently the prior TOS weren't clearly written.

In any case, the only logo allowed on DM's Guild product covers going forward (prior are grandfathered in, which leads me to believe the prior terms weren't the clearest) is the one pictured above.

Which really sucks for those that have established (or are trying to establish) their brand on the DM's Guild.

Fantasy Grounds compatible products CAN have a FG logo, but that isn't actually in the TOS right now. Yeah, a bit of a cluster.

Yeah, I'm actually going to point you to the comments on ENWorld for this. There are some not so happy campers. The other Community Content Partners at OBS should take heed of changing terms in a way that discourages some from using their platforms to publish content.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Kickstarter - The Midderlands Expanded - An OSR Setting Expansion (Swords & Wizardry)

+MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal) has a new Kickstarter to follow his amazing Midderlands setting - its The Midderlands Expanded - An OSR Setting Expansion. I'm not going to wax poetically on how awesome The Midderlands is from physical presentation to the content and the art. Instead, I'll quote +Matt Finch :
“[The Midderlands] as a small area campaign supplement is the best I’ve ever seen, displacing Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor First Fantasy Campaign area, which up until now -- and that’s decades -- has been my favorite one.” - Matt Finch (Creator of Swords & Wizardry).
Yeah, its "that good."

But if you have The Midderlands, what does the Expansion add?
Firstly, and most-importantly - This is not a revised version, this is EVEN MORE content and game-juice. 
The Midderlands setting gets bigger, expanding out into Havenland (the country that The Midderlands is set in) and its bordering lands, in a dark, twisted, and viridian version of the British Isles. 
If you want to know a bit more about the original 'The Midderlands' setting book, then check out the original Kickstarter for more information, or watch my interview with the creator of Swords & Wizardry, Matt Finch. 
What is going to be in the new 'The Midderlands Expanded' book? 
  • 50+ pages of content previously released in The Midderlands Additions, and The Midderlands Additions II, but as part of a glorious, high specification, hardback format.
  • Approx. 170 pages of new, previously unseen content.
  • More awesome artwork.
  • More locations.
  • More items.
  • More spells.
  • More flora and fauna.
  • More monsters.
  • More classes.
  • More adventure hooks.
  • More adventure.
  • More discovery.
  • More green-hued, dark-fantasy weirdness.
Yep. There's lots more of the good stuff.

Then there's the list of those involved. In addition to Glynn, you have: Edwin Nagy (Writing), Mark Nolan (Writing), Jim Magnusson (Artwork), Juan Ochoa (Artwork), Steve Punter (Artwork) and Matthew Pook (Editing).

Some of these names should be very familiar to old School Gamers.

Yeah, I'm in and happily so.

25 days left to fund as I type this.

Announcement - Frog God Does Stock Art (complete with video with Zach Glazar and Your Humble Bartender)

Here's what happened. I was lying in bed last night, playing some random game on my phone as I was preparing to embark on decongestant and antibiotic induced sleep when +Zach Glazar asked me if I was up. I could be if needed. Zach then said he wanted to talk art. I said sure.

I had no idea he meant on a YouTube Livestream.

I apologize in advance for any weirdness on my part. Well, more than usual weirdness. It was the drugs and late hour, I swear. Zach was fine though ;)

Anyhow, long story short is Frog God Games is opening their back catalogue of black & white art as stock art. First art pack went up last night. 5 pieces for 3 bucks. Those are the five pieces above. Its some damn good stuff. Here's the link: Lost Art: Black & White Illustrations Pack 1 (Commercial License) (and although the cover says "Print Use", it covers PDFs too)

Did I forget to mention... oh yeah, THAT big announcement for small press and hobbyists that Zach talked about in the video. Its an Easter Egg only available in the video, but its worth the watch, especially if you are a small press publisher.

Did you watch it?

Its an exciting time to be a small press OSR publisher ;)

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Why Those Certain Kickstarters are Always "This Close" to Completion But NEVER Cross the Line

Far West has been in layout for years. Just one more chapter to go...

City State of the Invincible Overlord has been in layout for years. If it weren't those nasty tables, it would be done...

Everything by #ConManKen was always "a few more edits", "pencils are shipping the end of the month" or "all my outstanding projects will be completed by the end of July, 2017" and yet...

That's the setup.

Here's the Kickstarter terms as they are today when it comes to completion:

Kickstarter provides a funding platform for creative projects. When a creator posts a project on Kickstarter, they’re inviting other people to form a contract with them. Anyone who backs a project is accepting the creator’s offer, and forming that contract. 
Kickstarter is not a part of this contract (this is where Kickstarter washes their hands of any responsibility in ensuring the honesty of creators)the contract is a direct legal agreement between creators and their backers. Here are the terms that govern that agreement: 
When a project is successfully funded, the creator must complete the project and fulfill each reward. Once a creator has done so, they’ve satisfied their obligation to their backers. 
Throughout the process, creators owe their backers a high standard of effort, honest communication (all three of the above examples lack such), and a dedication to bringing the project to life. At the same time, backers must understand that when they back a project, they’re helping to create something new — not ordering something that already exists. There may be changes or delays, and there’s a chance something could happen that prevents the creator from being able to finish the project as promised. (usually this is mis-spent mis-budgeted funds)
If a creator is unable to complete their project and fulfill rewards, they’ve failed to live up to the basic obligations of this agreement. To right this, they must make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing the project to the best possible conclusion for backers. A creator in this position has only remedied the situation and met their obligations to backers if: 
they post an update that explains what work has been done, how funds were used, and what prevents them from finishing the project as planned; (this requires a breakdown of expenditures - "living expenses" is not a legitimate expense)
they work diligently and in good faith to bring the project to the best possible conclusion in a timeframe that’s communicated to backers
they’re able to demonstrate that they’ve used funds appropriately and made every reasonable effort to complete the project as promised; (we know #ConManKen used pencil dice money for film making - he said so himself)
they’ve been honest, and have made no material misrepresentations in their communication to backers; and (look at the above examples - they are poster boys for "material misrepresentation of communications to backers)
they offer to return any remaining funds to backers who have not received their reward (in proportion to the amounts pledged), or else explain how those funds will be used to complete the project in some alternate form
The creator is solely responsible for fulfilling the promises made in their project. (again, Kickstarter just takes their cut) If they’re unable to satisfy the terms of this agreement, they may be subject to legal action by backers.
But there's more. If the PDFs are completed or the films are fully edited and are released to backers in digital form, then the physical products become due. When the physical products become due and there is no money to print, press, pack and ship then the accounting of monies is questioned. If funds haven't been used appropriately, the contract is violated.

By never actually reaching the finish line with the digital works they avoid the obligations to supply physical copies for which there are insufficient funds left. The project is "still being worked on" and the contract is technically not violated, thus the game continues. Well, for some more than others. Gareth hasn't updated Far West in nearly 9 months. #ConManKen hasn't updated any of his various Kickstarter projects in over a year. Damn those pencil dice are taking a long time to ship...

To Ken Whitman - I'll Give You the Opportunity to Tell Your Side


You claim all that is said about you is "all hearsay and tall tells until one hears both sides."

I'll give you the opportunity to tell your side, unedited and without commentary from me aside from "The following post is by Ken Whitman, telling his side of the story":

I offer you a greater reach on social media than you've ever had before to tell your side of things.

No gimmicks. No tricks. Your story from your point of view. For all the world to read. That IS what you want, right Ken? To explain yourself, your actions, your decisions. To make the community understand.

Well, here's your chance.

You know how to contact me.

Step up or shut up. It really is that simple.


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bundle - Through Polyhedral Dungeons Deeper (Polyhedral Dungeon / Through Dungeons Deeper 25% off)

Before I even get to the bundle, I want to make an observation - this is the first bundle on RPGNow that I can recall of having a unique graphic. Want to bring attention to your work? THIS is one of the ways to do it.

Anyhow, the Through Polyhedral Dungeons Deeper Bundle, which includes PDF copies of - you guessed it - Through Dungeons Deeper and Polyhedral Dungeons - gives one a 25% discount off the price if you bought both separately. Heck, the bundle is 24 cents cheaper than if you bought Through Dungeons Deeper on its own. Buy Through Dungeons Deeper, get Polyhedral Dungeons for free and STILL save 24 cents ;)

Both are great books. If you own one and not the other, your get a "previous purchase" discount, which still brings down the price. Hey, my discount brings both down to 0.00. Oh, that's right. I already own both of them ;)

Non bundle price is $16.98. Price of the Through Polyhedral Dungeons Deeper Bundle is $12.74

I played Polyhedral Dungeon and for an old grog like me, it fit like a glove, which is a rare statement from me regarding a game not derived from the Gygax original. Through Dungeons Deeper I read on my tablet in a single sitting. I literally never do that. Good Stuff.

POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON is an ultralight modern take on old school roleplaying. 
Using the new and simple to use and extend POLYHEDRAL SYSTEM, you can have countless hours of fun delving into dungeons and stealing dragon's hoards. 
Features of the game include: 
  • Create new characters for play in about 5-10 minutes.
  • Choose from the classic old school character tropes, but with slight twists. Play classic dungeon crawls with a flexible unified system that’s easy to learn and extend - make up your own content, or use any of the official Expansions, including The Advanced Rules which provides many new options for play, The Book of Monsters which expands and explores the Monsters in the game, The Book of Loot for more complete treasure and loot options, including many unique items, and The Book of Magic, which expands Talents and rules for magical and divine characters.
  • Designed for quick pick-up play as well as to handle large groups of players who have little experience in tabletop roleplaying - a perfect beginner’s game and still fun for experts.
  • Pocket-sized, so that you can take it wherever you’re going.
  • Includes dice printed in the page margins in case you forget your own, or if you need to make a secret roll as the Judge!
  • Includes a Giant Badger!
  • Layered and unlayered PDF versions included!
  • Also includes The Crypts of Bes-Amat, a free adventure showcasing how simple it is to create and run adventures for the game and system, as a separate download.
The book comes in a fully layered and bookmarked digital version, in both color and grayscale formats. Full sized character sheets are available in both formats too. There is also a downloadable full-sized cover that can be used to make your own print-at-home version!
A Survival Guide For Dungeoneers As Written By A Survivor
150 pages (145 content, 1 note, 2 covers, 2 blank)  
Have you ever wanted a primer on dungeon delving and dungeoneering? Ever wanted to know the stuff that real experts know about how to survive and thrive while looting dungeons of everything they have that's valuable and isn't nailed down?  
Written by master dungeoneer halfling Maximillian Sparfoot, veteran of a thousand dungeon delves (according to his own bio). Follow along with Max as he: 
  • Explains the 10 Dungeon Axioms!
  • Introduces you to his 78 Rules of Dungeoneering, including preparation, your role in the party, how to fight wisely, and how to make a last will and testament, among other Very Important Rules If You Don't Want To Die! Tactics! Strategy! Other stuff!
  • Gives you important information about magic items, curses, owlbears, traps, mimics and gelatinous cubes!
  • Tells you the important things you need to know about the races and professions that you'll be dungeoneering with!
  • Includes a sample simple will from Stonehand & Associates, lawyers to dungeoneers! 
So, what are you waiting for? Buy Max's super guide to dungeoneering today for yourself or a loved one who is considering delving in the darkest dungeons. You don't want them being unprepared, do you? DO YOU? 
Downloads include the PDF, mobi, epub, and raw text version of files.
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Announcement: Into the Borderlands Now Available for Pre-Order! (Goodman Games)

Original post at Goodman Games
You’ve been asking about it. You’ve been reading about it. You’ve heard a lot about it.
And now you can pre-order it. 
Original Adventures Reincarnated: Into the Borderlands is now available for pre-order! This 384-page hardcover reprints the classic Dungeons and Dragons modules B1: In Search of the Unknown and B2: The Keep on the Borderlands, in both their original format and updated for Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons. And there is even a full-color 16-page cover gallery insert! 
The expected release date for Into the Borderlands is May, but we are hoping (cross your fingers!) to have some early-release copies available at Gary Con in March! 
Inside this book you will find high-quality scans from multiple printings of the original first edition adventure modules, plus commentary by such gaming luminaries as Luke Gygax and Mike Mearls. Full fifth edition conversions of both adventures are included, as well as brand new additional adventure locations to further expand and develop the Borderlands. This is a fully playable mini-campaign to start off your new fifth edition adventures, with a distinct old-school vibe.
$49.99. I think I need this.

Deal of the Day - WWII: Operation White Box (WWII Swords & Wizardry RPG)

Today's RPGNow Deal of the Day is none other than +Pete Spahn 's WWII: Operation White Box. A Silver Pick, normally $7.99 in PDF its on sale for 24 hours for $3.99. But wait! The softcover print B&W nook is normally $17.99 - on sale for $9.99 with the PDF! Pete's losing his mind - heh. Seriously, its an amazing price for an excellent game.

WWII: Operation WhiteBox is a roleplaying game of WWII special forces action designed for compatibility with the Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox roleplaying game
In WWII: Operation WhiteBox, the player characters (PCs) play the role of WWII special forces operatives. They may be formally trained and part of an officially designated special forces unit such as the SAS or U.S. Army Airborne, or they may simply be guerilla fighters dedicated to making life hard for the German Army. They may also be covert agents working for organizations such as the SOE or OSS. Whatever their affiliation, their job is to complete missions behind enemy lines, paving the way for the next Allied advance.  
WWII: Operation WhiteBox is a standalone game that uses the Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox rules as its base. In addition to standard gameplay rules, the game contains the following:  
  • CHARGEN: This includes Attributes, Nationality, Rank, Profession, etc.
  • NEW CLASSES: Eight new classes including the Charmer, Combat Engineer, Grunt, Maquis, Sniper, Tactician, Wheelman, Uberlaufer, each with their own unique abilities. 
  • GEAR AND WEAPONS: A list of typical WWII weapons and gear. Weapons are statistically grouped by function (Large Rifle, Small Handgun, Submachinegun, etc.) with some named examples to add flavor (M1 Garand, Derringer, MP40, etc.). 
  • PLAYING THE GAME: Rules for Saving Throws, Surprise, Reaction Rolls, Movement, etc.
  • PERSONAL COMBAT: Rules for "theater of the mind" combat including new rules for automatic weapons, using cover and concealment, and explosives. 
  • VEHICLE COMBAT: Rules for "theater of the mind" vehicle combat (basically the same as personal combat) and vehicles grouped and statted out (Small Truck, Medium Tank, Small Aircraft, etc.) with named examples to add flavor (Kubelwagen, M4 Sherman, Brirish Spitfire, etc.). 
  • GAMEPLAY EXAMPLE: A gameplay write up to show some of the new concepts in action. 
  • COMMON NPCs AND ANIMALS: Stats and descriptions for civilians, soldiers, and common European animals. 
  • COVERT SPECIAL FORCES EQUIPMENT: Descriptions of some real world equipment designed and/or used by special forces during WWII. 
  • THE WWII CAMPAIGN: This chapter gives an overview of the different theaters, major events of the different time periods, and lots and lots of tips for running a WWII campaign. 
  • SPECIAL FORCES IN THE EUROPEAN THEATER: An overview of various Allied special forces units such as the SAS, LRDG, OSS, etc., resistance organizations such as the French Maquis and the Norwegian Milorg, an German special forces units such as the Brandenburgers. This chapter also runs down how to design a special forces mission as well as the different types of missions commonly undertaken. 
  • WWII TIMELINE: A chronological timeline of major WWII dates and events.
  • HISTORIC WWII SPECIAL FORCES ACTIONS: Contains a brief description of real world historical missions undertaken by units like the British Commandos, Jedburghs, etc.
  • RESISTANCE AT THE PONTEVILLE BRIDGE: A sample mission deep in Normandy. 
  • MASS COMBAT RULES: Quick and dirty rules for resolving Mass Combat as well as how to incorporate PC missions into the results. 
  • MINI-SETTINGS: Nazi Superscience, Nazi Occult, and Nazi Space elements to liven up your game!
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